Young Girl Suffers Head and Neck Injuries in Dog Attack, Could Happen in Philadelphia

A one-year-old young girl suffered life-threatening injuries to her head and neck after being attacked by a dog just a few weeks ago. Not only was the victim, Eden Baily of Oregon, injured during the attack, reports say her mother Kari Wallace was also injured while saving her daughter from the dog as well. Leading Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Edith Pearce says this story is a warning to parents.

No one seems to have witnessed the initial attack or what may have caused it, but those who tuned into the scene later; say it appears that the dog continued to try to attack Eden Baily even after her mother was able to pry her away. These type of attacks can lead to serious injuries to children according to Edith Pearce, a leading accident attorney in Philadelphia.

The dog that attacked Eden was a pet to the owners of the home where Wallace and Eden recently began renting. The owners were not home during the attack and the 3-year old dog was euthanized. Results of rabies testing are awaited although the disease is not suspected. Authorities say the dog was found to be current in its licensing and vaccinations and the Animal Services investigation into the attack found that no previous attacks by the dog have been reported.

The victim and her mother were taken to the Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport immediately. Authorities say that Eden will be taken out of the area for more specialized care that she will need in the future. Both Eden and her mother are currently in stable condition and Eden continues to be treated for the neck injuries she suffered during the attack.

These sorts of attacks are tragic and could occur in the Philadelphia area as well as anywhere in the world. Victim’s families should seek the expert help of an understanding Philadelphia injury lawyer like Edith A. Pearce, Esquire. who has experience receiving timely settlements for those with neck injuries.