Woman Killed in Tragic Hit and Run Accident

A tragic deadly hit and run accident took place just minutes away from Center City Philadelphia yesterday in the neighboring city of Wilmington, Delaware. In a strange twist of fate, it turned out the victim had been struck in a hit and run before years ago when she was 33 years of age. During that accident, she lost a leg.

This time victim Edith McFarland was struck not only by one but three vehicles who kept on driving after the accident. Ms. McFarland was just attempting to cross U.S. 13 with some groceries, crossing the highway to the Fairview Inn 1051 S. Market St when the first vehicle struck. She was bringing the groceries home for herself and her granddaughter who lived in a modest motel room across the street. Ms. McFarland, who became very disabled due to the severe injury she sustained in her last accident, was forced to move onto the busy road when the economy took a downturn.

Her destroyed wheelchair made it obvious that Ms. McFarland’s wheelchair was struck by a vehicle that was traveling at a fast speed. She was thrown out of the wheelchair and almost instantly killed at the scene. Two other motorists hit Ms. McFarland and her wheelchair again and sadly decided to keep on going. “It’s unthinkable to have one vehicle strike this lady in this wheelchair and leave,” Shavack said. “But it’s almost unconscionable to have three vehicles know that they hit something because of the debris field that was in the roadway and then continue on.”

Police are still looking for the drivers of three vehicles that hit Ms. Edith McFarland during the accident around 6:35 p.m. Tuesday. Anyone with information can call 302-834-2620, ext. 278. If you or your loved one has suffered through a tragic accident, call a Pearce Family Law PC lawyer immediately.