When to Hire a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

thepearcelawfirm.com help people who are injured by the action or negligent inaction of another person or business or corporation. Anytime you or a loved one suffers a physical, mental or emotional injury at the hands of another party, you should consult a Philadelphia personal injury attorney and request a free case review to ensure that your right to legal representation and compensation are protected.

While their clients concentrate their efforts on recovery, Pearce Law Firm investigate the accident while events and the memories of any bystanders are still fresh. They prepare and file necessary legal paperwork to ensure that your personal rights are protected. They negotiate with insurance companies to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and loss, and they aggressively represent you and your interests in court.

Personal injury law is a complex legal specialty. Just as you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform heart surgery, your family lawyer shouldn’t be asked to handle a personal injury lawsuit. It takes experience, skill and specific knowledge to successfully navigate a personal injury case through the courts to either settlement or trial. A savvy Philadelphia personal injury attorney will constantly work toward a settlement while aggressively preparing to go to trial, thus protecting her client’s rights on all fronts.

Hiring a Philadelphia personal injury attorney does not require payment of a retainer and there is no monthly bill to pay. Personal injury attorneys are typically paid a percentage of any settlement or court award you receive but only if they win. If they lose, you pay nothing. This removes any financial burden the injured person might feel, allowing him to focus his entire physical, emotion and financial resources on recovery.