What to Do After Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident

Philadelphia transportation officials are warning drivers and pedestrians to beware of icy pavements. Philly drivers are familiar with the dangers of “black ice,” the invisible skin of ice that forms on roadways when melting snow refreezes. Philadelphia personal injury lawyers warn pedestrians that the same dangerous condition can be present on pavements and in parking lots. Unshoveled blowing snow that hides treacherous patches of ice from view increases the danger of slip and fall accidents in Philadelphia parking lots (see our previous post).

If you are the victim of a Philadelphia slip and fall accident on snow and ice, Pearce Law attorneys recommend doing the following:

1. Report the accident immediately or as soon as possible.

2. Seek medical attention if you are injured. Injuries from slip and fall accidents can be serious. A hard fall can break bones. If the person hits his head on the pavement, curb or parked car, the force of the fall can bruise or injure his brain. If the body twists during a fall, the spinal cord can be injured. In many cases, the severity and consequences of an injury cannot be immediately known. Even if you show no immediate signs of injury after a slip and fall accident, pay attention to your body. If muscle aches or headaches develop, seek medical attention.

3. Record ground conditions both where you fell and in the immediate area. Write down a detailed description of the pavement conditions and the location of any obstacles. Note whether the pavement was partially cleared or uncleared, snowy or icy, and any debris in the area.

4. Gather evidence documenting where the accident occurred, name of the landowner or store owner, names and phone numbers of any witnesses, and photos of the accident site and your injuries.

5. Consult a Philadelphia personal injury attorney with experience handling slip and fall accidents.