What to Ask When Hiring Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

In our last posts we’ve been discussing when and how to choose a Philadelphia personal injury attorney. Before you hire a Philadelphia personal injury attorney ask the following critical questions:

Do you have experience trying cases like mine? What is your success rate?
It is essential that the Philadelphia personal injury attorney you select has considerable experience trying cases that are very similar to your own case. Look for an attorney who has successfully taken cases to trial as opposed to one who has only obtained settlements. Should your case go to trial, you want an attorney with proven courtroom success. Naturally, you also want an attorney who has an excellent track record winning cases like yours to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve. See here.

What types of law does your firm handle?Many attorneys will say they can handle a personal injury claim, but make sure you should choose an attorney that specializes in personal injury law and whose primary business is personal injury law. Personal injury law is a highly specialized field. Just as you would ask your family doctor to perform heart surgery; you shouldn’t ask your family lawyer to handle a wrongful death claim.

How long have you been practicing personal injury law in Philadelphia?
Experience is life’s greatest teacher. Many law firms tout their combined years of legal experience; however, the experience of an individual lawyer may range from one to 30 years. Ask how long the attorney who will be representing you has been practicing personal injury law.

How much experience have you had negotiating with insurance companies?In Philadelphia personal injury lawsuits an insurance company will generally be responsible for paying the settlement or award. An attorney who has insider knowledge of how insurance companies process and litigate claims will know all the tricks and ploys insurance companies use to minimize the settlement amount paid to the victim and can use that knowledge to your benefit.