Unexplained Car Crash Leaves Questions and Damage

NBC News Philadelphia reports that a woman lost control of her vehicle for unknown reasons in the Wynnefield Heights neighborhood early in the morning on August 3. She proceeded to hit three vehicles before the car came to a stop. Officials arrived onsite and pulled her from the station wagon, which became engulfed in flames just moments later. Luckily, the driver was treated for minor injuries in a local hospital and doesn’t appear to be suffering from any serious conditions.

Injury lawyers hear about accidents like this every day. Many accident victims turn to legal firms like The Pearce Law Firm for assistance and advice during the difficult time following automobile crashes. Sadly, injuries are common in all types of car accidents, with victims including drivers and passengers, and even bicyclists or pedestrians who are involved. Some of the most common car crash injuries include broken bones, cases of whiplash, and fractured bones. Sadly, the damage can be more than physical, with devastating mental or emotional issues revealing themselves.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident of any type, you deserve to receive help and support for a full recovery – physically, mentally, and financially. An injury lawyer can guide you through the options available for you so that you and your family are not alone following an accident. Whether the damage is minor or extreme, victims of accidents do not need to suffer in silence. When you enlist the services of a reputable injury lawyer and firm, they will do everything they can to help you resolve the case with a favorable outcome. While you can never turn back the hands of time to stop an accident from happening, remember that you do have the ability to make sure the final resolution is positive and fair. Read more about auto accidents and the steps you can take at our website: thepearcelawfirm.com