Teen Accused of Homicide in Car Accident Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Victim’s Estate

In a bizarre twist, a Montana teen charged with deliberately killing a woman and her son in a horrific 2009 motor vehicle accident is now suing the estate of the woman she killed. The personal injury accident case in Montana illustrates the complexities and convolutions auto accident litigation can take when people die or suffer serious personal injuries. Read more here about motorcycle accident. It also illustrates the advantages of being represented by an expert Philadelphia personal injury attorney, such as Edith Pearce if you are ever involved in a serious car accident.

It will take expert legal skills to untangle the personal injury lawsuits swirling around the 2009 Montana car accident in which a 16-year-old teen slammed her car head-on into another auto. After fighting with her boyfriend, Justine Winter texted her intention to commit suicide. An hour later, she drove across the Highway 93 centerline at 85 mph and crashed her car into an auto driven by a pregnant Erin Thompson and her 13-year-old son, killing them.

Charged as an adult with two counts of deliberate homicide, Winter faces life in prison if convicted. At first glance, it would appear the Thompson family survivors would bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the teen driver. However, in a bizarre twist that prosecutors believe is tied to her defense, Winter and her father have filed a personal injury lawsuit against Thompson’s estate, claiming that the slain woman’s negligent driving caused the crash. This seems to be at total odds with the prosecutor, who alleges Winter crossed the centerline of the highway in an attempted suicide. In her lawsuit, Winter claims to have suffered permanent personal injuries in the accident and lost the capacity to enjoy life. Her suit asks compensation for future loss of income and past, present and future medical expenses.

This suit also illustrates the investigation that must be done in an auto accident. In this type of case, an expert in accident reconstruction may well be hired along with a private investigatgor. Also, an experienced personal injury lawyer will work with police in gathering legal evidence.

Philadelphia attorneys experienced in personal injury accident and wrongful death litigation know how to properly investigate car accidents so that your legal rights and right to compensation are fully protected. Expert Philadelphia personal injury lawyers understand the injury insurance process and will work aggressively to protect your rights and obtain fair compensation so that accident victims and their families can focus on recovery.