Snow Increases Risk of Philadelphia Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Another big snow storm is headed toward Philadelphia and with it will come another bout of icy sidewalks, slippery parking lots and slip, trip and fall accidents. More than 16,000 American die each year as the result of personal injuries suffered during slip, trip or fall accidents. Philadelphia personal injury attorneys warn that slip, trip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Slip, trip and fall accidents also account for a significant number of accidents in Philadelphia homes, retail stores and groceries.

Snow and ice covered parking lots and sidewalks increase the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries, Edith Pearce, Esq. warns. Parking lots and sidewalks that have been improperly cleared, salted and sanded can leave pavements icy and slippery, creating serious slip and fall hazards. Serious slip, trip and fall accidents can result in lacerations, fractured bones, strained and twisted back muscles, brain injuries and sometimes disability or death.

If you are in a slip, trip or fall accident, Philadelphia personal injury attorneys advise that you always report the accident, even if you don’t believe you were seriously hurt. Some bone, muscle and tendon injuries are not noticeable until several hours after the accident occurs. If your accident occurs at a business, you may be asked to sign an incident form. Read the form carefully. Some incident forms are worded to diminish the store owner’s liability. Do not sign any document you do not understand or that does not state the facts as your know them. If you do complete or sign a form, ask for a copy. Establishing fault in slip, trip and fall accidents can be complicated. Under the law the property owner or accident victim can be found at fault or liability can be shared by both parties. Consultation with a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can determine your rights and probable responsibility in a slip, trip or fall accident.