Safety Issues Investigated when Philadelphia Construction Accidents Occur

As an experienced construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia, I know firsthand how devastating a construction accident or work injury can be. Coal mining accidents and injuries have been in the news recently. According to the Energy Information Administration, Annual Coal Report of 2009, Pennsylvania was ranked fourth for coal production in the United States, producing 5.6% of the United States’ coal. Coal mining accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area is a great concern. That’s where The Pearce Law Firm steps in.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has suspended the mining permit of a nearly two-century-old eastern Pennsylvania company, Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. of Pottsville. According to the Pocono Record Newspaper, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection accuses the coal company of illegal mining practices, violating water quality standards and failing to reclaim mined lands. These types of practices could cause these Philadelphia suburban coal workers serious accidents and injuries. Many times Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits are not enough to provide these injured workers sufficient money and medical care. Plus, the accident victim may not qualify for Pennsylvania unemployment compensation.

A congressional hearing into the cause of the fatal Massey Energy Co. mine explosion that killed 29 miners in Beckley, West Virginia last month has revealed that not only did the company regularly violate safety rules, it pressured employees to hide safety violations from federal inspectors. Family members of those who died in the country’s worst mining disaster in four decades testified that Massey threatened workers who raised safety issues and ordered workers to direct inspectors’ attention away from safety problems during mine inspections. It’s a cautionary tale for Philadelphia construction workers who work in hazardous settings every day.

Every year thousands of construction workers are killed or suffer severe personal injuries in construction site accidents. Construction workers rely on their employers to provide as safe a work environment as possible, including adhering to all safety regulations, encouraging safe work practices and maintaining construction equipment in good repair. Even when both the construction company and its workers exercise safety precautions, construction accidents can occur. offers only the best help when it comes to personal injury.

Last October a Philadelphia construction worker, James Wilson, was killed on a Center City Philadelphia job site when a construction lift collapsed. Two lifts were being used to inspect masonry on the First Presbyterian Church when the wheel of the lift Wilson was operating crashed through the lid of a sidewalk utility box. The lift overbalanced and fell, tearing through an adjacent apartment building and raining bricks and debris onto the street below. Wilson was killed and several drivers suffered personal injuries when debris struck their vehicles. The construction foreman said Wilson had been one of the company’s most safety conscious employees.

When a Philadelphia construction accident occurs, quickly contacting a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer allows an experienced construction accident attorney to investigate physical evidence and safety issues and interview eyewitnesses promptly to protect your legal rights. Call us now.