Roosevelt Blvd Speed Cameras are Now Actively Ticketing Speeders

Speeders in Philadelphia now have to look out for more than just the flashing red and blue lights of a squad car. The traffic cameras along Roosevelt Avenue are on-line and set to start ticketing drivers.

Roosevelt Boulevard red light cameras were installed last January but the 2020 pandemic delayed their use.  The Pearce Law Firm of Philadelphia reported the plan in an earlier article when Mayor Jim Kenney announced the new strategy.  The article also noted a CDC study that found these cameras can cut accident incidents by up to 25%. That being said, not all agree with photo-ticketing benefits. Some cities have strongly argued against similar devices, noting that they have done little to reduce the accident rate.

Speed Cameras are Live

Eight cameras were finally activated back in June but to this point were only watching traffic, not issuing fines to drivers. A 60-day grace period is over though and drivers need to be aware.  As of Saturday, August 1, 2020, the cameras will snap photos of any driver’s plates who go 11mph or more over the speed limit.

What Happens if You are Caught Speeding?

The Philly Voice detailed what offenders can expect after getting nabbed.  Drivers will find a letter in the mailbox (sent to the address the vehicle is registered to) from the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). A ticket will be waiting inside.

Fines for Speeding on Roosevelt Blvd.

Thankfully for violators, a ticket won’t add points to driving records. But the faster you go the more you’ll pay. The fines start at 100 bucks for going 11 to 20mph over the limit.  The penalties top out at 150 bucks for those speeders traveling 31 mph or more over the posted limit.

If you drive this section of the city there are eight camera locations to watch out for:

  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Banks Way
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and F Street
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Devereaux Avenue
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Harbison Avenue
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Strahle Street
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Avenue
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Red Lion Road (near Whitten Street)
  • Roosevelt Boulevard and Southampton Road ( near Horning Road)

Why is Roosevelt Blvd So Dangerous?

The speed limit along much of Roosevelt Avenue is 45mph, but many careless drivers take that as a suggestion and not the law. The stretch of road is known as one of the most hazardous in the entire state for motorists and especially for anyone on foot or on a bike.

The Pearce Law Firm recently conducted a study on Philadelphia pedestrian dangers. The study found that Roosevelt Boulevard was the most deadly stretch of road for Philadelphia pedestrians in 2018, leading to 9 pedestrian deaths and dozens more accidents involving walkers.

The hope is that these traffic cameras will hold drivers down to safer speeds and perhaps keep them more focused on the road. Slower speeds mean less force in any impact and less severe consequences, but can also allow more time to avoid collisions altogether.

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