Police Cracking Down on Texting While Driving in Philadelphia

Distracted and reckless drivers have existed since the first roads were laid and the first cars were built to drive on them. From Philadelphia’s US 1 branching out to roadways across the country, the veers and swerves of reckless motorists can be seen throughout the country.

Talking, eating, applying makeup, or paying too much attention to outside scenery have always been classic causes of reckless driving accidents. For this reason, responsible drivers are always advised to drive defensively. The new millennium, however, has brought forth its own challenges for drivers who are simply trying to get from point A to point B safely minding their own business. Cell phones and other hand held devices have spawned an epidemic of reckless, distracted, driving in people of all ages, and, particularly teens.

Laws around the country have been somewhat slow to respond to the practices of handheld cell phone use or texting while driving, putting other drivers at risk of becoming involved in an accident. Philadelphia is finally cracking down on cell phone use and texting while driving as well as while walking.

Philadelphia police are on the lookout for those using cell phones or texting while driving or walking. The crackdown campaign has been entitled “Give respect, Get respect,” and is aimed at drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in Center City.

This summer, eight to ten officers will be rotating within five zones in Center City, Philadelphia, working on enforcing laws that make it safer to get around. One of the major initiatives is to enforce the ban on texting while driving. While talking on a cell phone is enough of a distraction, texting while driving present even more extreme danger as texters eyes are completely off of the road.

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