Pile-Up Crashes on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Most of us have only seen them in a news story or video, but for those who have experienced them, large pile-up crashes can be frightening, deadly and leave lasting memories. They can start for just about any reason, but the have one thing in common and that is the inability of upcoming vehicles to stop in time. When this happens, dozens of cars can be drawn into the crash, and injuries and fatalities can pile up.

Many of these crashes occur on the PA Turnpike. The Turnpike is a toll road which is often driven at 70MPH. It has slopes and straightaways and bridges. Fog, rain, snow and ie all create conditions some drivers unfortunately neglect.

Five dead 60 Injured in Pennsylvania Turnpike Pile-Up:

At least five people have died and 60 more are injured in a pile-up on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Sunday, January 5, 2020. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the accident started when a tour bus lost control, headed up an embankment and rolled over.

Two tractor-trailers immediately slammed into the bus with more vehicles then hitting the wreckage. The pile-up closed the turnpike in both directions in Mount Pleasant. Officials have confirmed that five people have died with at least 36 being transported to Forbes Hospital for treatment.

Photos and video from the air show a horrific scene with the bus on its side and tractor-trailers laying next to it on both sides. A FedEx truck can be seen split open with packages scattered over the road.

What to do if Involved in a Pile-Up Crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike:

Pile-up crashes present many problems and for the same reason: too many cars and people involved. According to the American Automobile Association, a pile-up crash poses greater risks than a typical auto accident. The reason is the likelihood of a secondary or more impact for those already involved.

Because of this, AAA recommends that when a pile-up happens, it’s best to stay in the car and wait for help from officials. Once you get out of your car, you leave the protection of the steel cage or your car. Unfortunately, many deaths happen after victims had survived the first impact only to be hit again as a pedestrian.

If you’re ever in an emergency situation on the PA Turnpike call 911 or visit this page: https://www.paturnpike.com/yourTurnpike/helpbeta.aspx.

Aftermath of Pile-up Crash:

Another problem that arises when there are so many vehicles involved is that there were be almost as many insurance companies and their lawyers all trying to point the blame on anyone but their client.  Once you are safe and have been treated by medical professionals, the next thing to do is to talk to an attorney who can help you with your claim for compensation.

Don’t talk to the insurance company or any of their representatives. They have loads of experience and highly-paid attorneys to keep you from getting your fair compensation.

Contact a Pennsylvania Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer.

Hopefully, you never find yourself or a loved one involved in a collision like this one, but if you do, speak to an attorney who can advise you on your rights.

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