Philadelphia Railroad Accident Results in Severe Personal Injury

A Philadelphia commuter train operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority collided with a car trapped between the crossing gates in the East Falls area of Philadelphia last week. The driver of the car suffered serious personal injuries in the Philadelphia railroad accident and was rushed to the hospital. Even though eyewitnesses report that the train was moving slowly as it approached a nearby station, the force of the Philadelphia railroad accident overturned the trapped auto, causing irreparable damage to the crushed car. No one on the train was injured and most passengers did not realize there had been a collision. Philadelphia police are investigating. It is unclear how the car became trapped between the railroad gates. This is when a trusted attorney such as Edith Pearce should be contacted.

Hundreds of victims die in railroad accidents every year and thousands more suffer severe injuries that often result in lifelong disability. Railroads are responsible not only for maintaining safe trains and operating trains in a safe manner, but with ensuring the safety of all railroad tracks, roadway and pedestrian crossings, platforms and steps, railroad bridges and stations. Installation and maintenance of crossing lights, gates and warning signs are also the responsibility of railroad companies. When railroad gates or lights malfunction, vehicles can become trapped in the path of an oncoming train. No car or truck is a match for the destructive power of a moving train.

Personal injuries suffered by Philadelphia railroad accident victims are usually catastrophic. Victims and their families may be entitled to recover damages for hospital and medical expenses, lost earnings, permanent physical disability, emotional distress, grief and emotional suffering when death occurs, damage or destruction of property, physical pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Railroad accident claims are complicated to litigate. Multiple railroad companies, insurance firms and municipalities are usually involved. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney with proven expertise litigating railroad accidents can cut through the red tape and protect your rights. Contact us today!