Philadelphia Police Officer Injured during Domestic Disturbance Call

Posted On: December 27, 2011 by The Pearce Law Firm

Philadelphia Police Officer Injured during Domestic Disturbance Call

A Philadelphia police officer suffered from injury last week after facilitating the arrest of two alleged criminals in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania. Sanatoga officer James McCue suffered the injury while attempting to make the arrest of Skaeya Dodd, 22, of Sanatoga, and Gregg N. McElveen, 20, of Philadelphia.

McCue had to respond responded to a domestic disturbance call from the Rolling Hills apartments in the early morning hours of December 23rd. The female suspect, Dodd, had been cited for public drunkenness and was also reported to have sustained a facial injury after a drunken fall.

McElveen, Dodd’s male counterpart, who was observed urinating on the side of an unoccupied police cruiser during the incident, had to be detained after he struggled to break free of McCue’s grasp striking him several times with his fists and injuring McCue before fleeing the scene on foot.

McCue eventually caught McElveen and was forced to discharge his Taser, a nonlethal weapon, to prevent further injury. Officer McCue was taken to Pottstown Memorial hospital after sustaining injury on Friday December 23rd, 2011. He was treated and released and is fortunately expected to make a full recovery according to his department Sgt. Timothy Walters.

McElveen was allegedly found to possess seven individually packaged bags of marijuana, three small plastic containers, and four blue pills at the time of his arrest. He has been charged with open lewdness, simple assault, disorderly conduct, possession of drugs, public lewdness, among several other charges and is schedule to be arraigned Friday in magisterial court in Lower Pottsgrove. Dodd has been charged with criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct along with public drunkenness.