Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Tough When Insurance Companies Don’t Pay

When disaster strikes, Philadelphia consumers expect their insurance company to protect them and their families by paying for medical bills and property damages. After all, that’s why people pay insurance premiums month after month and year after year; to protect themselves, their families, their home, their car and other valuable possessions. In many instances insurance companies do meet their obligations and their policyholders are satisfied. However, too often insurance companies deny a claim when a loss is suffered and fail to provide the compensation promised. Philadelphia personal injury attorneys call this “insurance bad faith.”

The fact is that insurance companies are in business to make money. Denying claims or paying minimal amounts on insurance claims means more money for stockholders and less money for policyholders. Philadelphia personal injury attorney Edith Pearce says that’s just plain wrong. Unfortunately, without the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, policyholders are usually left holding the short end of the stick. A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can make sure victims are properly compensated for their loss.

For example, in a 2008 insurance bad faith verdict, Allstate Insurance Co. was ordered to pay a Missouri couple $16 million for its failure to settle a car accident claim in a timely manner, forcing the couple to sue to obtain compensation for $320,000 in medical bills.

Insurance law, language and practices are complex. It takes an experienced insider to know how to work the system. A wronged policyholder is at an overwhelming disadvantage when fighting against an insurance company’s stable of aggressive lawyers. With 10 years of previous experience working as an insurance company attorney, Philadelphia personal injury attorney Edith Pearce has the insider advantage necessary to successfully fight bad faith insurance actions. If your insurance claim has been denied, call today for a free case review.