Philadelphia County Ranks #2 in Pennsylvania for Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities

In 2010, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration ranked Philadelphia County as the number two county in Pennsylvania for motor vehicle fatalities.

Also in Philadelphia County, fatalities from accidents involving large trucks were among the highest in the state. With five major highways including Interstate 95 and Interstate 76 crosscutting the Philadelphia region, truck accidents are an unfortunate, but common, reality of traveling that corridor. When such crashes happen, injuries, medical and funeral bills, and automobile damage can create major financial difficulties for accident victims. A truck accident lawyer is an excellent resource for helping victims recover damages from those at fault.

A Pearce Law Firm, P.C. lawyer will have knowledge of the laws pertaining to truck accidents. The lawyer will know what was expected of the driver and whether his employer can also be held accountable for his actions. Recent tractor-trailer accidents in Philadelphia occurred because truck drivers failed to slow down to navigate turns, jack-knifed, or wandered off the roadway.

If the driver or his employer failed to abide by the law, victims of tractor trailer and large truck crashes are eligible to receive monetary damages to cover expenses and pain and suffering. Insurance companies often reach out to truck accident victims and try to offer a quick settlement before lawyers get involved. With a truck accident lawyer from Philadelphia by your side, you have the comfort of knowing you will receive the amount of damages you deserve instead of what the insurance company thinks it can get away with. Be prepared to recover the damages you deserve by enlisting the help of a lawyer who is familiar with the legal side of truck accidents in and around the Philadelphia area.