Philadelphia Auto Accidents Rise as First Winter Storm Hits

The first blast of winter brought snow showers, freezing rain, plummeting temperatures and icy roads to Pennsylvania as the first major winter storm blew out of the Midwest toward the Atlantic coast. While Philadelphia was spared the worst brunt of the storm, abnormally cold temperatures and blowing winds made roadway conditions icy and treacherous. From Pittsburgh to Waynesboro, blowing snow and dangerous ice closed roads and sent auto accident reports skyrocketing. Nearly 60 storm-related traffic accidents were reported to the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services on Friday alone. Pennsylvania State Police said traffic accidents were “too numerous to list.” Philadelphia personal injury lawyers warn Philadelphia drivers to brush up on their winter driving skills and exercise extreme caution when driving on snow-covered and ice-slicked roads.

Winter always bring a significant increase in the number of Philadelphia personal injury auto accidents. Slippery roadways can take drivers by surprise. Invisible black ice can quickly send a vehicle skidding or spinning out of control. Slower speeds and longer stopping distances, especially on turns and in heavy traffic, are required to prevent winter accidents, warn The Pearce Law.

When Philadelphia auto accidents result in serious personal injuries, accident victims are ill-prepared to deal with the legal aftermath. The physical and emotional strain of recovery, the financial pressure of lost income and mounting medical bills, the financial and emotional cost of lengthy recovery and the threat of permanent disability place enormous strain on accident victims and their families. The voluminous and confusing paperwork demanded by insurance companies and their constant pressure to settle accident claim burdens accident victims and their families with even greater stress. An experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can take that burden off families so accident victims can focus on recovery. An astute Philadelphia personal injury attorney can cut through the paperwork and red tape and see that you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Get a hold of us today by clicking here.