Philadelphia Accident Lawyer Edith Pearce Wins on Appeal $200,000 Slip and Fall Accident Verdict with Delay Damages

Norristown, Pennsylvania — The Pearce Law Firm filed a slip and fall lawsuit in Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on behalf of her client, Mr. Parker, a Frito-Lay delivery truck driver. Edith Pearce, recently named a 2008 Super Lawyer by Philadelphia Magazine is a native of Montgomery County and started her career working for a defense insurance company in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Attorney Pearce was familiar with the location of the accident and filed suit claiming negligence when Mr. Parker slipped, tripped, and fell when exiting his truck.

Mr. Parker suffered an injury to his shoulder as a result of a slip-and-fall accident occurring on his employer’s parking lot. Mr. Parker received Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. However, Edith Pearce, a Philadelphia and Montgomery County Accident Lawyer filed the lawsuit in Norristown, Pennsylvania against the company who was hired to remove snow and ice to prevent a slip and fall accident and apply salt to the parking lot and premises. At trial, Mr. Parkers’ doctor explained his diagnosis that the slip-and-fall accident either caused or aggravated asymptomatic tendonosis of the right shoulder. A jury trial was conducted in the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County. The Montgomery County jury returned a verdict in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $180,000. Defendant appealed the verdict.

Defendant’s main argument on appeal was that the Defendant only had the responsibility for performing snow and ice removal according to the contract for the parking lot to allow trucks to use the parking lot and avoid any truck accidents. Defendant argued on appeal that it did not have any duty to prevent the slip and fall accident to Mr. Parker. However, on appeal, Edith Pearce, who lives in Montgomery County Pennsylvania and was familiar with the area argued that Defendant owed a duty to make the parking lot safe for employees and other people to walk into or from the parking lot to prevent someone from slipping or falling. Attorney Pearce filed for delay damages because of the delay in time caused by the appeal. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania upheld the verdict in the slip and fall accident and ordered that payment be made in excess of $200,000.