Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Workers Plead Guilty to Causing Death and Injury

New developments were made this week in the Philadelphia medical malpractice and murder case that made headlines and chilled the entire nation last January. During that month, Kermit Gosnell, 70, of the Philadelphia area, was charged with first degree murder and several other felonies after an investigation revealed that he had been regularly overdosing patients with dangerous drugs and delivering full term healthy babies and then killing them by inflicting spinal cord injury. The former doctor Gosnell conducted these actions at The Women’s Medical Society of West Philadelphia at which he practiced for the last several years. Investigators have referred to the practice as a house of horrors, which catered to poor women, minorities, and immigrants, due to its grossly unsanitary conditions.

After last year’s investigation on Gosnell, 6 other staff members from The Women’s Medical Society of West Philadelphia were also charged with various felonies. Just last Thursday, two of those employees pleaded guilty to their charges. Adrienne Moton, 34, of Upper Darby PA and Sherry West, of Newark Delaware, each pleaded guilty of one count of third-degree murder, two counts of conspiracy, and one count of participating in a corrupt organization. West was also charged with delivery of a drug that caused wrongful death related to the 2009 death of a patient, 41 year old Karnamaya Monger, who prosecutors said died because of an overdose of a sedative.

Each of the employees may face upwards of a one hundred year sentence as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Sentencing is scheduled for December 2nd by Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner, but may occur later since the action, according to the judge, will be a clerical action to get a presentence investigation started for both women. On March 1st, prosecutors announced that they will seek the death penalty if Dr. Gosnell is convicted of any of the counts of first-degree murder filed against him. To see what our experts can do for you, follow here.