Pennsylvania Woman Wins Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Suits

Ingrid Luderman, a 44-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was eventually awarded $13,000 after her landlord evicted her as retaliation for a sexual harassment suit last August. Although Ingrid Lederman was a tenant in the Drexelbrook Associates owned property Drexel Hill apartments for 11 years, the company evicted her just four months after she won her sexual harassment suit against the company.

Luderman filed her sexual harassment suit after she was allegedly harassed by company staff. Although her sexual harassment case took three long years to come to fruition, she eventually won a settlement of an undisclosed amount, but planned to stay in her apartment. Having been a long term employee at Upper Darby High School, the complex offered Luderman a location which was within reasonable driving distance from her job.

After being forced to relocate, Luderman was forced to pay higher rent and to commute longer to work each day. In what some are calling a rare ruling, a Pennsylvania judge awarded Ingrid Luderman the $13,000 on top of her original settlement to cover her estimated costs of relocation.

Landlords in particular cannot legally “punish” tenants for making legal allegations, so it is important for victims to be aware that they can speak up or take further legal action against any retaliation against them.

Sexual harassment victims who reside in the Philadelphia area who in turn become victims of retaliation from their employer, landlord, or other abuser should always contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer to ensure their rights are protected to the fullest extent.

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