Pennsylvania Industrial Accident Sparks $12.7 Million Jury Award

In 2003 an industrial accident severely burned two workers, smelters at Ametek Specialty Metal Products in North Strabane just south of Pittsburg. Explosion of a metal furnace sprayed the two men with molten metal, causing catastrophic burn injuries, forever changing the lives of the men and their families. This week, a Pennsylvania jury awarded the two men $12.7 million compensation for their personal injuries.

Edith A. Pearce notes that serious >industrial accidents are usually triggered by a complex cascade of events. When industrial accidents occur, personal injury lawyers conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the facts and determine likely responsibility. Numerous factors can contribute to an Industrial accident, including unsafe plant conditions, poorly trained personnel, faulty equipment and poorly maintained equipment. In the 2003 Ametek accident, investigation revealed that the furnace liner failed, causing an explosive chemical reaction.

The explosion spewed molten metal across the smelting site, leaving two men severely burned, disfigured and disabled. One worker suffered burns over 65% of his body, leaving 95% of his body badly disfigured. The other worker suffered burns over 22% of his body, causing permanent scarring to 33% of his body.

Personal injury attorneys for the two workers filed suit against the manufacturers of the furnace and its liner. Multiple defendants are common in industrial lawsuits say Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys. Complex heavy industrial equipment is composed of numerous components, each designed and produced by a different manufacturer. Failure of a piece of industrial equipment may involve multiple components. In the Ametek case, the jury found the furnace manufacturer 50% responsible for the accident and each of two firms involved in construction of the liner 25% responsible.

When industrial accidents occur, the complexity of industrial accidents and rigor of suing multiple defendants requires the talents of an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney.