Patients File Colonoscopy Medical Malpractice Suits Near Philadelphia and Throughout the Country

Millions of Americans in Philadelphia and throughout the country have Colonoscopy procedures each year. This is becoming a recommended routine part of basic medical care, especially for Philadelphia residents and other Americans over 50 years of age.

Colonoscopies are often very safe procedures, but it is important to remember that, if one does not choose the right doctor, injuries could occur. Many lawyers receive several complaints per year about injuries caused by Colonoscopy procedures and due to the requirements leading up to the procedure. Several patients have suffered kidney failure after using certain laxatives prior to colonoscopy procedures.

Additionally, in a recent report, a jury in New Mexico awarded plaintiff Michael Salopek $1 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. After going to his doctor in 2005, Michael allegedly had to be treated for a puncture wound in his colon. After undergoing a colonoscopy, Salopek internal organs were pierced by the surgeon’s tools. His doctor, however, told him that the perforation had eventually healed itself.

Salopek’s even suffered from having fecal matter leaked out through the hole in his colon and into his body for 11 days before discovered. This caused serious infection and the need for Salopek to have 13 surgeries to repair damage and a part of his colon removed.

The settlement helped Michael to pay medical expenses and make up for lost wages at work. Perforations can occur during Colonoscopies and it is important for doctors to recognize and treat the problem immediately or else medical malpractice is in question. If you or a love one has been the victim of medical malpractice, contact a Edith A. Pearce, Esquire or a Philadelphia injury lawyer today.