Pain Pump Can Cause Irreparable Personal Injury to Philadelphia Athletes

A pain pump designed to alleviate pain may be the cause of serious chronic pain suffered by athletes and active adults in Philadelphia and across the country, charges a defective product liability lawsuit. Implanted in the knee by orthopedic surgeons to control pain following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, pain pumps manufactured by Breg, Inc., a California medical device maker, were never approved for use in knees or joints by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), despite being marketed for that purpose. Philadelphia surgeons estimate that thousands of orthopedic surgeons across the country have used Berg and similar pain pumps in joint surgery with most patients achieving full recovery. However, for a number of knee surgery patients, recovery has been illusive. These former women athletes report chronic, constant joint pain that limits their ability to walk comfortably or sleep through the night without being awakened by severe pain. If you fall in line with these stories, contact a The Pearce Law Firm, PC attorney now.

Last November the FDA issued a warning to doctors citing 35 reports of chondrolysis and intimating a possible association with pain pumps used in orthopedic surgery. The most severe cases of cartilage destruction occurred in shoulder surgeries. In all 35 incidents, healthy young adults experienced debilitating cartilage destruction in the joint following orthopedic surgery and implantation of a pain pump. While the FDA noted that the cause of chondrolysis had not been proven, the agency did specify that pain pump medical devices had not been approved for use in joints.

Five Midwestern women in their 20s, former college athletes, have filed personal injury lawsuits against Berg, charging the pain pump manufacturer with product liability and medical malpractice issues, including misleading marketing. One Ohio orthopedic surgeon who uses pain pumps told a reporter that doctors don’t commonly read FDA approvals but rely on sales representatives for product information.

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