New Years Fireworks Injure Hundreds

People all over the world like to ring in the new year with fireworks every January 1st. Although this tradition might be enjoyable to some, it’s important to remember that it’s often harmful to many. While injuries occur as a result of homespun New Year’s fireworks everywhere each year, a particularly large number of individuals in the Philippines suffered injury as a result of this year’s festivities.

In following Chinese tradition, some Filipinos believe that noisy New Year’s fireworks ward off evil and misfortune in the year ahead, it is common to set off powerful types of explosives to ring it in. As a result, many started 2012 off in the hospital instead. Hundreds were injured in fireworks accidents, including many children. According to Philippines news reports, hospital emergency rooms throughout the small country were packed full of people injured by fireworks explosions in the early morning hours of December 31st.

Breaking down injury types, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said that 545 were injured from firecracker blasts and tragically 18 were injured by stray bullets that were fired into the air around the time the clock struck midnight. Believe it or not, Secretary Ona added, the numbers are down from last year. During last month’s celebration, the skies were so flooded with the light of fireworks and their blinding smoggy aftermath that many incoming and outgoing flights from Manila’s main airport had to be delayed.

Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo says that he is willing to consider a proposal for a total ban on firecrackers, just as many states in the US do. Although some types of powerful firecracker are already banned, many Filipinos were arrested for setting them off illegally this year.

As many who live in those states know, bans do not necessarily eradicate holiday firework use, but they may, perhaps lessen the number of injuries caused. Using fireworks illegally, especially in crowded areas like Philadelphia, can cause injury not only to parties directly involved, but to innocent bystanders as well. Get ahold of us immediately.