New Law to Affect Pennsylvania Drivers and Bicyclists

In continuing the effort to make Philadelphia area roads safer for people riding bicycles, a new law has just been passed that requires Pennsylvania drivers to give at least four feet of distance when passing a bicyclist on the road.

Although the new law may seem like a common sense safety guide, many accidents have occurred in the past that may have been prevented by such a law. The new law, which has been backed by bicyclists groups for some time now, was originally pushed by Pennsylvania Representative Miller, R-Jacobus. Now Pennsylvania has become the 19th state in the US to pass a safe passing distance law.

Pennsylvania motorists will not be the only ones affected by the new rules. Now bicyclists are required to “use reasonable efforts so as not to impede the normal and reasonable flow of traffic, and stay in the far right side when not traveling at the prevailing speed,” according to the law.

The law also clarifies the vehicular code to state a driver must not cut off a bicyclist while he or she is making a right hand turn. Rep. Miller told the York Dispatch that “Bicyclists have a right to be on the road. It acts as a reminder more than anything else.”

In conjunction with new bike specific lanes that have been recently laid out in the Philadelphia area, this new law will hopefully further improve safety for both motorists and bicyclists on Pennsylvania roads.

In the past, bicycling on Pennsylvania roads has been a bit dangerous as there have been many accidents over the years involving bicycles hit by cars. Many bicyclists have been personally injured or know of a fellow bicyclists who has suffered severe injury. Rep. Miller hopes that the new law will help people to feel more eager to and protected when biking to work or biking for exercise. Call The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. today.