New Jersey Construction Vehicle Crashes

It seems every road in every state, county, and city is under construction. While that’s not true, there is always some road construction happening in just about every town. In the last decade across the country, road construction zone accidents have skyrocketed. From 2010 (589) to 2017 (809), there was a 28% jump in construction site fatalities.

In New Jersey, the trend is actually going down after a 10-year high of 10 in 2012 to only 4 in 2018. However, in one moment, that can change which is what happened recently in East Rutherford.

Five Killed in Tragic Construction Site Crash

Police say that an SUV carrying five people rear-ended a construction vehicle that was being used on a road construction site. The accident happened on Sunday, May 17, 2020, around 11:30 pm where Route 17 south merges onto Route 3 west.

The driver of the construction vehicle had only minor injuries. Four of the injured died at the scene, and the fifth died later at the hospital. Police also say that it’s unknown what caused the accident, but preliminary findings are that nothing criminal was going on and it was just a horrible accident.

Construction Site Accidents

Speed is the number one problem at a construction zone, as most accidents can be avoided if the driver isn’t going too fast. Distracted driving is another problem in construction zones as all it takes is a moment looking away to cause a serious injury accident.

Not all construction zones accidents are the fault of the driver. Road construction zones can be confusing and can come upon a driver pretty fast. Since drivers see flashing lights all the time, they can become desensitized to them and not notice construction activity until it’s too late.

Construction Site Duty to Drivers

Construction zones have to be laid out safely and properly so that drivers have notice of the site and have ample time to slow down and drive with caution. Some of the responsibilities of the site management are:

  • Proper Traffic Control Plan
  • Noticeable and Ample Warning Signs
  • Buffer Areas
  • Cones Barrels and Barriers Conform to FHA Manual
  • Cut Down on Driver Blind Spots
  • Keep Debris Cleaned and Clear of Roadway

Failure to do these things can lead to an accident. If you’ve been in a construction zone accident, and you’ve been told it was your fault because your vehicle hit a construction vehicle or barrier and injured someone, don’t take their word for it, talk to an attorney who understands the law.

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