Neurological Deficits in the NFL

According to ABC, over one third of the National Football League’s former players have joined a lawsuit against the league regarding hits to the head and the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury. Lawyer representation and legal professionals from both sides have valid arguments that debate the amount of personal versus professional responsibility when it comes to neurological deficits. As a huge part of football is the physical part of the game, hits to the head are not only commonplace; they are encouraged and applauded. Former players are now coming forward stating they are experiencing long-term cognitive deficits from these head injuries and blaming the league for lack of information and responsibility.

The brain injury lawyer for the National Football League maintains that it was, and continues to be, the responsibility of individual teams to monitor each player after severe hits to the head. Each team has a physician that is trained in determining when a player is ready to return to play after a concussion or other hard-hitting head blow. In 1994, the NFL even created a committee that was dedicated to evaluating neurological risks associated with mild traumatic head blows and provide information to team physicians. Players maintain that this committee was a “sham” and did not protect football players the way it should have.

Family members and former players continue to present their case with legal representation from  brain injury lawyer professionals. United States District Judge Anita Brody is not expected to deliver her verdict for several months. After that, most experts believe one side or the other will appeal whatever is decided, and as such, the case could take years to be finalized. Litigation is obviously important to both sides in a suit like this due to the highly emotional and personally traumatic nature of the details. To find out more information about The Pearce Law Firm and how they can help with a brain injury case please visit: