Negligent Security at Philadelphia Hotels

If you have been assaulted or injured due to negligent security at a Philadelphia hotel, you will want to speak to a Philadelphia hotel injury lawyer with experience in premises liability.

Negligent security

Whether you’re staying in Center City or visiting from out of town to see all of the great tourist attractions, chances are you will be staying at one of the hotels in Philadelphia. When guests stay at a hotel, they have a reasonable expectation to remain safe while at that hotel.

To keep customers safe from third parties, property owners and hotel owners should provide a reasonable level of security and duty of care. Crimes occur when there is desire and opportunity. Eliminating the opportunity helps prevent a variety of assaults and physical violence. Some types of security measures which prevent these criminal acts include warning signs, adequate lighting, security officers, locks, adequate staff and surveillance.

A hotel could be held liable for negligent security if they failed to warn customers of potential harm or neglected to consider the existence of such crime. For example, a hotel in a high crime area or with a history of criminal acts should have adequate security, such as security officers, to prevent foreseeable harm.

Do I need an attorney?

After any type of injury which takes place on a hotel’s property, report the incident to hotel management right away. Please note that a written or recorded statement is not required and if you provide this they may use it against you in the future. After that obtain medical assistance and contact our offices right away for a free and confidential consultation and case evaluation with one of our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers.