Natural Gas Blowouts Can Put Philadelphia Construction Workers at Personal Injury Risk

The tragic blowout at the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and the resulting destruction has focused national attention on the hazards of oil and gas drilling. Closer to home, a blowout last week at a natural gas drilling site near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania raised fears of an explosion. The blowout sent gas and polluted drill water shooting 75 feet into the air for more than 16 hours before the drill crew was able to bring the blowout under control. Calling the incident a serious Pennsylvania construction accident and vowing a full investigation, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger told the Associated Press, “The event at the well site could have been a catastrophic incident that endangered life and property.”

Pennsylvania construction workers were fortunate to avoid serious personal injury at the Harrisburg blowout. Construction accidents in other states point out the potential hazards drill crews face. Yesterday, a natural gas line erupted south of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, sparking a massive fireball and explosion. One utility worker was killed in the construction accident and several workers were hospitalized with severe personal injuries. Earlier that day, at a West Virginia natural gas site located 55 miles southwest of Pittsburg, seven members of a natural gas drilling crew suffered serious burn injuries when they hit a pocket of methane gas that exploded.

Natural gas and Philadelphia construction accidents can have devastating consequences for workers and their families. Due to the involvement of multiple defendants, these cases can be a challenge to pursue. An experienced Philadelphia construction accident attorney can cut through the red tape and insurance paperwork to ensure that you get the settlement and help you are entitled to if you are injured on the job. Learn more here.