Medical Mistakes Can Be Deadly. Do You Need Representation?

A personal injury lawyer is often consulted on medical malpractice cases, especially when they result in a fatality. In 2010 a study indicated that about 180,000 people died due to a preventable medical mistakes. Three years later, a new study done by the the Journal of Patient Safety reported the numbers to be much higher, in the 210,000-440,000 range, making it the third-leading cause of death, right below heart disease and cancer.  Patients who suffer from any sort of malpractice incident along these lines have a one in five chance of dying from resulting complications.

The list of common mistakes that a medical malpractice lawyer sees is quite long and includes surgical accidents (such as cutting an artery), not ordering the proper tests, delaying treatment, and not acting on test results. Additionally, improper patient monitoring, delaying a diagnosis, and the administration of the wrong medication dose or usage can cause complications and lead to tragic results.

The death of 19-month-old Alicia Coleman of Omaha, Nebraska, is an example of what can happen when medical personnel inject medication into the wrong tube. The young girl passed away when medicine that was meant to be administered to a particular site was inadvertently injected into her jugular catheter, sending the medication straight into her bloodstream.

Medical accidents don’t always result in death, however. Sometimes, injuries occur leaving you or your family in a tough emotional situation as well as facing even more medical issues and bills. During these times, a consultation with a personal injury lawyer can be highly beneficial in getting your questions answered, informing you of your rights, and assisting you with seeking justice for your injuries. The attorneys with The Pearce Law Firm have experience handling medical malpractice and hospital negligence cases. Visit us online at for more information.