Man Injured after Walking into Moving Train

At a busy train station in Philadelphia’s distantly neighboring city, Jersey City, New Jersey, authorities say a man inadvertently walked into a moving train one evening last week. The man, whose ears were reportedly covered with headphones at the time of last week’s railroad accident, is said to have only suffered minor injury from the unusual collision. The man’s head and body made contact with the moving light rail transit train around 8:15 p.m. Friday evening near the intersection of Essex and Van Vorst streets. Police told reporters that they believe the man failed to see or hear the train coming, very likely because of the headphones that he was wearing. No passengers were on the train at the time, and no other injuries have been reported as a result of the accident.

John Durso, Jr. of New Jersey Transit told The Jersey Journal that the man, who remains unidentified, was alert just after the accident and had to be treated at the scene for cuts on his face. He was later taken to the hospital for further evaluation but his condition has not yet been released. Accident victims who seem to only have suffered minor injuries at the scene of an accident are often later transferred to a hospital to ensure that no internal injuries were sustained.

Although individuals should always look out for their own safety in order to avoid injury, railroads have a duty to make their trains and crossing safe including operating the trains in a manner safe for their riders, providing gates, lights and other warning to motorists and pedestrians as well. As a pedestrian, use extreme caution and stay aware of your surroundings while walking around railroad tracks and station platforms. If you have been injured on or around railroad property, contact The Pearce Law Firm.