Lead Contaminated Toys Could Affect Philadelphia Children

In a recent press release, it was announced that the toy manufacturer G.A. Gertmenian and Sons have recalled the Toy Story 3 Bowling Game due to violation of lead paint standard. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with G.A. Gertmenian and Sons announced on May 5, 2011 that it would voluntarily recall the toy bowling set. Consumers should stop using the particular Toy Story 3 Bowling Game immediately. It is now illegal to resell or attempt to resell the recalled consumer product.

G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC is based out of Los Angeles, California. The Toy Story 3 Bowling Game was sold in stores throughout the US, possibly near Philadelphia and throughout the country. Six hundred units of the game were manufactured and distributed.

It was found that the red paint used on some bowling pins has been measured to be in excess of the maximum allowable level of 90 ppm, a violation of the federal lead paint standard. The sets were manufactured in China and sold at Walmart Stores throughout the US for $18.

The set contains batch marking of JA 148. The set contains six white plastic bowling pins with two red stripes painted on the necks, one black plastic ball, and one nylon game rug with a print of Buzz Lightyear. The batch marking will appear just above the barcode. Consumers can get a free replacement product by calling 888-224-4181.

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