Holiday Traffic Increases Philadelphia Auto Accident Risk

More Americans hit the highways to visit friends and relatives during the Thanksgiving Day holiday than at any other time during the year. Philadelphians traveling to grandma’s house will be sharing the Pennsylvania Turnpike with an estimated 2.7 million other drivers. Turnpike officials say the 5-day Thanksgiving holiday (Wednesday through Sunday) is the most heavily traveled weekend of the year on the toll road.

With so many drivers on the road, the risk of ending your holiday weekend with a serious or fatal auto accident is high, warn experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers. Philadelphia drivers are advised to be particularly vigilant and drive defensively. Many of the drivers on the road Sunday will be tired from the long holiday and distracted by cranky kids, increasing accident risk.

Peak traffic flow on the Pennsylvania Turnpike typically occurs on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving and from noon to 8 p.m. that Sunday. This year, turnpike engineers expect 690,000 vehicles on the turnpike Wednesday and more than half a million on Sunday as Philadelphia families return home to prepare for a new work week and children get ready for school. Pennsylvania Turnpike State Police urge motorists to concentrate on the road and the traffic around them. Distracted driving, particularly texting, is a factor in the majority of fatal car accidents. See here.

“When you try to text while driving, you endanger your own safety and the lives of everyone else on the road,” State Police Troop T Cpl. Richard Dean told the Berks-Mont News. “We have seen too many accidents where texting behind the wheel ended in tragedy and other travelers became innocent victims of another driver’s careless behavior.”

From all of us at the Pearce Law Firm, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please drive safely.