Helmets, Leather, and Lawyers

On Halloween 2012, Mitch Lucker, lead singer of the California-based heavy metal band Suicide Silence, lost control of his motorcycle and later died from injuries sustained that night.  He was just 28.  Mitch’s death is a high-profile example of a tragedy that impacts families and communities across the country everyday.

Motorcycles are a free-spirited form of transportation known for their great gas mileage.  Their appeal in these times of $4.00/gallon gas is evident.  In Pennsylvania, the number of licensed motorcyclists (affectionately called “bikers”) has risen steadily since 2002. Pennsylvania’s Department of Motor Vehicles considers many types of transportation to be a motorcycle, including mopeds, motor scooters, and mini-bikes.

Unfortunately, safety concerns and the risk of accidents come with the freedom of riding with the wind in your hair. Motorcycle accidents are much more likely to be fatal than car or truck accidents and can leave grieving families in a difficult financial situation.  In 2011, there were nearly one million motorcyclists permitted to drive on Pennsylvania’s roadways and 3,746 motorcycle accidents.

The impact of these tragedies on motorcyclists, their spouses, children and parents can be reduced in a number of ways.  Helmets can protect the sensitive brain area from head injuries.  Protective clothing can reduce road rash.  And a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney can improve the chances of a motorcyclist or his family in recovering money to help pay for medical bills and rehabilitation.  When a loved one has a motorcycle accident, it is difficult to navigate who’s to blame or how to stay afloat after the unexpected expense of medical treatment or funeral costs.  Insurance companies may make offers of money to make the situation “go away” when there are in fact legal actions that may be available.  An attorney based in Philadelphia will know the law in your community to assist you with these questions.  Although motorcycle accidents and fatalities are declining, accidents like Mitch’s still occur and a lawyer is a knowledgeable resource when a motorcycle accident takes place in the community.