Helmet Usage Has Increased Twenty Percent

Increased efforts to protect motorcyclists are leading to safer roadways.  Statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration indicate that helmet usage has increased nearly twenty percent from 2004 to 2009.  Even as motorcyclists themselves appear to be taking action to prevent injuries on the road, other motorists must also be alert and attentive to the bikers around them.  This is especially true in Pennsylvania, which has not required motorcyclists to wear helmets since 2003.

A recent hit and run in Pennsylvania led to the death of a motorcyclist and his passenger after being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot.  In this instance and others like it, a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer has the skills to represent you or your family.  For example, the location of the accident can determine the likelihood of recovering damages.  Sometimes multiple defendants must be pursued on different legal theories to make sure all the facts come out and the responsible parties are held accountable.  A parking lot is often privately owned and if managed, maintained or designed in a dangerous manner, the owner may be sued, in addition to the motorist who struck the motorcycle.

Other parties also may be involved after a motorcycle accident, and an attorney in Philadelphia can advise injured motorcyclists or their families on dealing with these special interests.  Accidents involving motorcycles and larger vehicles often result in catastrophic injury or death, leading to large medical bills.  Because all Pennsylvania motorists are required to have insurance, insurance companies and their lawyers often get involved at the early stages of an accident.  A motorcycle accident attorney will assist accident victims in obtaining the amount they deserve after being involved in a collision with another driver or perhaps navigating unsafe roadways.