Complexity of Bus Accident Claims Requires Expertise of Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

The National Transportation Safety Board has joined state investigations into two deadly bus accidents (see our previous post) and have many questioning the safety of the low-fare bus lines that frequently travel between New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood and Philadelphia, as well as other major East Coast cities. Popular discount buses arrive and depart from Chinatown more than 2,000 times a week. Seventeen people were killed in the weekend bus crashes and dozens of passengers suffered serious personal injuries. See more here.

Investigators are inspecting both buses for possible mechanical and electrical defects and investigating the safety records of both bus companies and the bus drivers. Early investigations into the New York crash found that the bus driver had a criminal record and had been cited for a number of traffic violations, including driving on a suspended license, which should have disqualified him from obtaining a commercial license. The driver of the Philadelphia-bound bus had also been cited for motor vehicle violations, although they were characterized as minor.

When representing bus accident victims, Edith Pearce, Esquire investigates the bus driver’s safety record, proper licensing and health, including the possible impact prescription drug use, fatigue or substance abuse may have had on the accident. The condition of the bus, including possible mechanical or electrical problems, is investigated. The bus company’s maintenance and safety records are also carefully reviewed for neglect or omission. Every aspect of the accident is carefully investigated and litigated to ensure that bus accident victims are fully compensated for their injuries.

Bus accident claims involve multiple defendants, including the bus company, driver, municipality and sometimes out-of-state authorities. Federal, state and local laws and safety standards add to the complexity of litigating personal injury bus accident claims. Competing insurance companies and their attorneys, each dedicated to protecting the insurance company and minimizing compensation paid to accident victims, make it essential that bus accident victims seek out a Philadelphia personal injury attorney with experience in litigating bus accident claims.