Charter Bus and Boat Accidents All too Common In Philadelphia

Recent crashes in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia bring to mind the tragic Septa Philadelphia bus crash that occured back in 2008. Recent tragic accidents involving charter busses have sadly injured and killed many Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residents as well as citizens from surrounding cities.

On September 13th of 2008 an overnight accident involving a Septa bus injured 20 people in West Philadelphia. The driver of a car traveling on 51st Street was said to have struck the Route 21 bus. The collision forced the bus to veer of the road and into a tree around the 5100 block of Chestnut Street.

After the crash, it was found that 20 people including the bus driver suffered mild to moderate injuries. Fortunately, in this case, none of the injuries were life threatening. The driver of the vehicle that struck the bus, who also suffered minor injuries, was charged with DUI after being treated at a Philadelphia area hospital.

In the case of a commercial auto accident, finding out who is responsible for compensation the victims so that their medical and financial needs are taken care of after the accident can be tricky. Similar complications could be seen in the recent Ride the Ducks accident in Philadelphia in which families of the victims filed suits against multiple parties involved.

Those who find themselves confused about who might be responsible for their injury can contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer. A Edith A. Pearce will help you to decipher who just may be responsible.