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The Pearce Law Firm, including well-known Philadelphia injury lawyer Edith Pearce, is dedicated to the personal care of each individual case. We believe in educating our potential clients on the variety of cases being filed in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The blog posts below feature accidents and events that may lead to potential law suits. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you due to car or truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, or head injuries, The Pearce Law Firm works on your behalf to provide you the compensation you deserve.

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Flat Tire Leads to Multi-Vehicle Accident and Life-Threatening Situation

October 22, 2013

According to a NBC news article, a standard flat tire appears to have been the cause of a chain reaction that resulted in four trucks and their passengers being seriously harmed in early August in Philadelphia. The driver of a pickup truck stopped along the side of the highway to repair a flat tire, prompting a tractor-trailer to stop behind him. The tractor-trailer was hit by a third truck, which was followed by a fourth. Two people involved were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, and several others suffered minor injuries.

The Pearce Law Firm is experienced in truck accident cases, as these incidents seem all too common. The principles that apply to this situation are similar to those that apply to any automobile or moving vehicle accident. The key players and foundational facts are the same: seriously damaged vehicles that will need to be repaired or replaced and injured people who need treatment and compensation. For those involved in any truck accident, lawyer provided services can make all the difference in the months and even years following the incident.

Defensive and smart driving is a responsibility all vehicle drivers share. When an accident happens, someone should be held responsible for the damage done. The truck accident lawyers at The Pearce Law Firm work to ensure that clients are treated fairly in legal situations and that their outcome is as favorable as possible. Hiring an attorney is vital to making sure that you receive the compensation you are owed for any physical or emotional damage suffered following an accident. Don’t delay and seek representation as soon as possible so that your rights remain fully protected.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help When Tragedy Strikes

April 3, 2013

Last October a Vietnam Veteran was killed during a tragic crash when a 31,200-pound truck on a turnpike struck his truck. This January the driver of the 31,200-pound truck, a Conshohocken man, was indicted for homicide in the death of the war veteran, who was also a Pennsylvania Turnpike maintenance worker. Deaths like these, while tragic, occur all too often.

This is where a personal injury lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm can step in. A personal injury lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm can provide you support and representation following an accident that leaves you disabled and feeling hopeless. Personal injuries can happen in a variety of instances, from a slip and fall, to machinery breakdowns to automotive accidents, and more. Whatever the case may be, if you or someone you know is injured, it is imperative a personal injury lawyer represents you or your loved one. If hired in the case of the Pennsylvania Turnpike worker, the Pearce Law Firm would have sought for compensation for the pain and suffering for the victim and his family members, loss of future income, and more. In other cases, our goal is to help secure loss of former and future income, emotional trauma, medical bills, and more whenever personal injury is involved.

personal injury lawyer from The Pearce Law Firm can walk you through these very serious situations. If injury is involved, we will investigate any and all aspects of your case and examine who was at fault, the extent of negligence, and more. In the end, we fight for your rights.

A good personal injury lawyer will work around the clock to support you. While compensation won’t always fix the damage, it will enable you to cope with financial bills and more. In many cases an insurance agent will also try to write you a quick check to avoid litigation. Before you accept that check, have a personal injury lawyer look over your case.  Statistics have shown that many injury victims receive double or triple the amount offered by an insurance company when they hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Contact us today for more information.

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A Recent Truck Accident Calls into Question the Need for an Experienced Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

March 14, 2013

Earlier this year, a 35-year-old man was cited for illegally backing his truck into a parked vehicle and a pedestrian, 22-year-old Sarah Campbell. She suffered injuries and was taken for treatment at a local hospital. It was a common type of accident that could have occurred at a thousand different locations throughout Philadelphia.

In fact, trucks are involved in a countless number of accidents each year, often ending in injuries that are severe or even fatal. It’s up to you to protect yourself. At the Pearce Law Firm, founded by Edith Pearce, we take truck accidents seriously. When you need a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer, choose our team to fight for your rights.

We can launch an in-depth investigation into the specifics of the accident, interviewing police who were at the scene and all parties involved. We will also thoroughly examine the scene of the incident for evidence that can further substantiate your case. From there, we will assess your injuries and develop the most beneficial course of action for representation. Our goal is to help you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of the ability to interact with your spouse (called loss of consortium), or other circumstances. In other words, we aim to seek justice in the matter and maximize your settlement.

Furthermore, you need a truck accident lawyer who understands the differences in various truck accidents. Was an 18-wheeler involved or was it a privately owned pickup truck? There are often numerous insurance companies involved, such as that of the truck driver, the trucking contractor, the truck owner, and others. The situation can be convoluted when you factor in equipment malfunctions, brake maintenance, trucking regulations, and other factors. Simply put, trucking cases are rather complex. That’s why it pays to have a truck accident lawyer working on your behalf. The Pearce Law Firm can help.  Schedule a consultation today. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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Philadelphia County Ranks #2 in Pennsylvania for Motor Vehicle Accident Fatalities

October 30, 2012

In 2010, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration ranked Philadelphia County as the number two county in Pennsylvania for motor vehicle fatalities.

Also in Philadelphia County, fatalities from accidents involving large trucks were among the highest in the state. With five major highways including Interstate 95 and Interstate 76 crosscutting the Philadelphia region, truck accidents are an unfortunate, but common, reality of traveling that corridor. When such crashes happen, injuries, medical and funeral bills, and automobile damage can create major financial difficulties for accident victims. A truck accident lawyer is an excellent resource for helping victims recover damages from those at fault.

A Pearce Law Firm, P.C. lawyer will have knowledge of the laws pertaining to truck accidents. The lawyer will know what was expected of the driver and whether his employer can also be held accountable for his actions. Recent tractor-trailer accidents in Philadelphia occurred because truck drivers failed to slow down to navigate turns, jack-knifed, or wandered off the roadway.

If the driver or his employer failed to abide by the law, victims of tractor trailer and large truck crashes are eligible to receive monetary damages to cover expenses and pain and suffering. Insurance companies often reach out to truck accident victims and try to offer a quick settlement before lawyers get involved. With a truck accident lawyer from Philadelphia by your side, you have the comfort of knowing you will receive the amount of damages you deserve instead of what the insurance company thinks it can get away with. Be prepared to recover the damages you deserve by enlisting the help of a lawyer who is familiar with the legal side of truck accidents in and around the Philadelphia area.

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