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Pennsylvania Woman Wins Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Suits

February 7, 2012

Ingrid Luderman, a 44-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was eventually awarded $13,000 after her landlord evicted her as retaliation for a sexual harassment suit last August. Although Ingrid Lederman was a tenant in the Drexelbrook Associates owned property Drexel Hill apartments for 11 years, the company evicted her just four months after she won her sexual harassment suit against the company.

Luderman filed her sexual harassment suit after she was allegedly harassed by company staff. Although her sexual harassment case took three long years to come to fruition, she eventually won a settlement of an undisclosed amount, but planned to stay in her apartment. Having been a long term employee at Upper Darby High School, the complex offered Luderman a location which was within reasonable driving distance from her job.

After being forced to relocate, Luderman was forced to pay higher rent and to commute longer to work each day. In what some are calling a rare ruling, a Pennsylvania judge awarded Ingrid Luderman the $13,000 on top of her original settlement to cover her estimated costs of relocation.

Landlords in particular cannot legally “punish” tenants for making legal allegations, so it is important for victims to be aware that they can speak up or take further legal action against any retaliation against them.

Sexual harassment victims who reside in the Philadelphia area who in turn become victims of retaliation from their employer, landlord, or other abuser should always contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer to ensure their rights are protected to the fullest extent.

Philadelphia sexual harassment and discrimination attorney Edith Pearce, who is considered the best of the best in employment law, was named “Super Lawyer” in 2005, and was designated as one of the top 5% of Pennsylvania attorneys, can help.

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Missouri Woman Wins 95 Million in Sexual Harassment Case

February 2, 2012

In June of 2011 a Missouri Woman won what is being called the biggest sexual harassment settlement in history. Former Aaron’s Inc. employee Ashley Alford was awarded 95 million in damages after her sexual harassment case was heard in U.S. district court.

Although a federal cap on damages reduced Alford’s settlement, she was still able to walk away with about $41.6 million. The award included $15 million in compensatory damages and $80 million in punitive damages. The total came to what one lawyer believed to be most likely “the absolute largest sexual harassment verdict in the country for an individual plaintiff.

Ashley Alford, who was in her mid 20s at the time of the trial, made her case after allegedly being harassed for several months by her store supervisor, Richard Moore, before he eventually held her down at the office and engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct in late October of 2006. Alford stated that she had high hopes for stability and advancement within the company when she was hired but shortly after Alford was hired on Halloween of 2005, Moore allegedly began making sexual and lewd jokes around her and began trying to grope her while constantly referring to her by nicknames such as “Trixie” and “Trix.” Alford also alleged fellow former Aaron’s employees of telling her to “watch her back,” after she finally started to bring action against them.

Aaron’s Inc., which is based in Atlanta, has about 1,800 stores in 48 states, more than 10,000 employees and made a net profit of about $118 million in 2010. The company was found liable for “negligent supervision,” “sexual harassment,” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Even today, sexual harassment still occurs in corporate environments in Philadelphia and throughout the country. If you feel that you have been a victim of sexual harassment, it’s important for you to talk to a Pearce Law lawyer right away.

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Bensalem Pennsylvania Manager Arrested for Indecent Assault

August 26, 2011

Clearly, some young women who worked at Popeye’s Chicken may be in need of a Sexual Assault Attorney in Philadelphia. A former manager at a Pennsylvania fast food restaurant was arrested this week on indecent assault charges. Eduardo Tomasek, who worked as manager of the Popeye’s Chicken on Street Road in Bensalem has been accused of fondling at least three female employees while they were working at the restaurant. All of Tomasek’s alleged assault victims are minors.

Fifty year old Eduardo Tomasek currently of Knights Road in Bensalem was once a Florida resident. He was arrested by police on Monday afternoon just after beginning his daily shift at the restaurant. A two-month investigation was conducted by authorities leading up to Monday’s arrest and was called on after allegations that Tomasek fondled and touched three employees ages 15-16 inappropriately. Tomasek was also accused of offering the minors money and gifts. According to Edith Pearce, an experienced Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Lawyer, a civil lawsuit for money damages against Popeye’s may follow.

He is now being charged with indecent assault, unlawful contact with minors, corrupting the morals of minors, and other related offenses according to police and is being held in Bucks County jail on $250,000 bail with a 10 percent option. Although Police have stated that Tomasek was listed on Florida’s Megan’s Law registry while he was a resident there, he was still allowed to work with the minors after moving to Pennsylvania.

Perpetrators of indecent assault, especially those who have committed crimes against minors, must be met with strict justice. A Philadelphia injury lawyer will ensure that victims have their cases heard as soon as possible. Victims of indecent assault often have special needs after going through these types of incidents. A Philadelphia injury lawyer will ensure that victims and their families get the compensation they may be entitled to that those medical and emotional needs are met.

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Philadelphia Area Student Assaulted by School Employee

August 12, 2011

A part-time teacher’s assistant from one Philadelphia area school was arrested last week after allegedly having inappropriate contact with an underage male student. It is alleged that Vito Granieri, 25, of Skippack Pennsylvania, who was an information technology assistant at Saint Eleanor Parish School, assaulted the student. Granieri worked part-time with the school’s technology program since 2004 according to reports.

Granieri also assisted with the lunch program with other staff and parents. He was background checked and cleared by state police of any child abuse charged and participated in the Archdiocesan Safe Environment training program.

Mr. Granieri is now being arraigned before District Court Judge Benjamin R. Crahalla on charges of indecent assault, endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, unlawful restraint, unlawful communication with a minor and harassment in connection with the case.

It is alleged that the defendant had inappropriate contact with the boy between 2006 and 2008 when the boy ranged from age 9 to age 11. Currently, Granieri is free on bail and awaits his preliminary hearing for the charges.

The charges have been brought forth by the student, now 11, and his parents, who alleged that Granieri touched the boy inappropriately on numerous occasions while the boy was in second, third, and fourth grade.

The Arch Diocese of Philadelphia operates the Saint Eleanor Parish School. The Archdiocese has stated that Granieri’s contract with the school has been terminated and he will not be hired at any other school in the Archdiocese.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been wrongfully endangered, harmed, or injured in some way, it is important to speak up quickly. Contact a Philadelphia injury lawyer to become familiar with your rights. If you should choose to proceed with your case, a Philadelphia injury lawyer will lead you in the right direction.

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Philadelphia Archbishop Resigns after Handling Long Running Sex Abuse Scandal

July 21, 2011

The current Catholic pope, Pope Benedict XVI, accepted the resignation of a Philadelphia archbishop this morning. Cardinal Justin Rigali was asked to step down after the archdiocese began facing accusations that it was covering up a sex abuse scandal for which the Cardinal attempted to improve the transparency of.

The Cardinal had been widely scrutinized by church officials for the way he handled the recent long-running sex abuse scandal. According to court reports, Cardinal Rigali testified on two separate occasions that he believed that Catholic Church officials were deliberately covering up sex abuse allegations against local priests. The testimonies were recorded in 2005 as well as recently in February of 2011.

Many believe that the Cardinal’s February 2011 testimony is largely responsible for the unprecedented criminal charges that were filed against a former secretary of the clergy for “allegedly transferring pedophile priests without warning new parishes.”

A grand jury ended up specifically accusing no less than 37 clergy in active ministry despite credible claims that they were responsible for the sexual assault of minors. Former archdiocesan administrator in Philadelphia, Monsignor William Lynn, was also charged with child endangerment for allegedly leaving the accused clerics in church jobs without warning parents or police.

Some say Cardinal Rigali went against the church official community grain by responding to reports of the charges by suspending 23 priests and hiring two former city prosecutors to review the abuse cases thoroughly.

Cardinal Rigali was an archbishop of St. Louis and spent three decades as a Vatican diplomat and high-level administrator before serving his eight year tenure in the Philadelphia area. Pope Benedict’s acceptance of the resignation this week sent the Philadelphia bishop into immediate retirement just before his 80th birthday. Find out more here.

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Bensalem Man Accused of Indecent Assault has Record of Sexual Assault Charges

May 27, 2011

Further details begin to unravel as police are investigating an alarming alleged case of indecent assault that occurred in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. As we reported earlier, fifty year old Eduardo Tomasek, a former Florida resident was arrested on charged of indecent assault, unlawful contact with minors, corrupting the morals of minors, and other related offense on Monday afternoon.

The arrest was made after an investigation brought on by allegations that Tomasek fondled and touched three of his coworkers while working as a manager at Popeye’s Chicken fast food restaurant at 2160 Street Rd. in Bensalem. The alleged victims are all female minors between fifteen and sixteen years of age. It is clear that these victims need The Pearce Law Firm.

Tomasek was taken into custody around 3:15 on Monday afternoon by Bensalem Police and is currently being held in Bucks County jail on $250,000 bail with a 10 percent option as Bensalem’s Special Victims Unit continues the investigation. Detectives believe that Tomasek may even have more assault victims and are urging them or anyone with more information to come forward.

A recent release has even reported that Tomasek was convicted in 1993 in Escambia County, Florida for lewd and lascivious indecent assault of a child under 16 years old for a December 1992 incident, a charge for which he served 6 ½ years for.

This case clearly represents a potential civil action for damages arising from both sexual assault and a hostile working environment, according to Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Attorney, Edith A Pearce.

A media representative for Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen released a statement saying that “Popeyes in no way condones or tolerates any form of inappropriate conduct.” They have noted that they will continue to investigate these serious allegations and monitor the situation closely.

The victims and their families deserve to have their cases heard right away to ensure that justice is had. All victims are urged to contact a expert Philadelphia injury lawyer to ensure that they are treated with the type of sensitivity and urgency they deserve. A Philadelphia injury lawyer will also help to ensure they get any compensation they are entitled to.

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Philadelphia Housing Authority Sexual Harassment Settlements Reach $900,000

August 26, 2010

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is settling the final of foursexual harassment claims against its executive director, Carl Greene, for a reported $250,000, bringing the total settlement amount to nearly $900,000, according to today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Sexual harassment claims by two Philadelphia women were settled in 2004 for $200,000 and $98,000. A third woman was paid a settlement of $350,000 in 2008. The final sexual harassment suit against the Philadelphia Housing Authority director is reported to be close to a settlement of $250,000. Contact Edith Pearce today if you feel you’ve been harassed and want justice.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority chairman, former mayor John Street, and members of the PHA board have come under repeated attack by Mayor Nutter and other community leaders who have raised questions about the PHA’s leadership, charging a “lack of appropriate oversight.” The PHA board, which has so far resisted growing public demands that Greene be fired, is scheduled to meet today to decide the director’s fate. Greene is expected to be placed on suspension while the board conducts an internal investigation. PHA sexual harassment policies and training procedures will also be reviewed.

According to documents obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, sexual harassment lawsuits filed against PHA’s director say Greene discriminated “against attractive young women” who rebuffed his advances. In their suits, the women say they were subjected to public humiliation, verbal abuse, inappropriate touching under protest, inappropriate demands, threats to deny promotions, unpleasant job assignments and unjust dismissal. The Philadelphia Housing Authority has repeatedly denied the accusations and denied liability.

The PHA lawsuits illustrate the difficulty of litigating sexual harassment claims. Had only a single individual come forward with allegations against Greene, the outcome might have been different. Sexual harassment often takes place in privacy and may extend beyond the workplace. Victims are often too embarrassed by inappropriate advances or too frightened of losing their job to complain. If you are being sexually harassed at work, click here to find out what to do.

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