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The Pearce Law Firm, including well-known Philadelphia injury lawyer Edith Pearce, is dedicated to the personal care of each individual case. We believe in educating our potential clients on the variety of cases being filed in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The blog posts below feature accidents and events that may lead to potential law suits. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you due to car or truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, or head injuries, The Pearce Law Firm works on your behalf to provide you the compensation you deserve.

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Brain Injuries Are Complex, but Your Legal Case Doesn’t Have to Be

March 27, 2013

Whether through accidents, contact sports, or physical activity, head injuries can happen to people of all ages. In fact, this type of injury is common and can often result in concussions, dementia, or long lasting damage to the brain.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania want to know more. In their attempt to better understand the functions of the brain, they are in turn helping brain injury lawyers understand the ins and outs of this complex medical universe. Like peeling back an onion, each layer of brain trauma research seems to reveal a bit more about what is at the core of functions such as memory loss, dementia, and other brain-related illnesses. However, in the case of professional athletes, such as football players, whose brains’ are often infiltrated with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known as CTE, researchers may not even be close to figuring out what makes our brains respond to various trauma, according to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Clearly, brain injuries are complex, to say the least. They can happen to anyone at any time, and can often cause debilitating results. What medical research has produced, however, can be a highly useful tool for a brain injury lawyer when faced with a case of this nature. The team at the Pearce Law Firm can help translate and interpret expert medical testimony to you, or to a jury if need be, to help connect an accident to the cause of an injury a client has suffered. Once this connection is made, a brain injury lawyer from our firm can go one step further in an attempt to collect any compensation you or a loved one may be owed as a result of this injury.

We attempt to cut through the medical terminology so you can better understand your case. We then take this knowledge to court, and use it in our attempt to win your case in front of a jury.  However, in a majority of cases we are able to settle before trial.  And rest assured, when you hire a brain injury lawyer from our firm, we will never charge a fee for our services unless you have been compensated. Don’t delay. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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When Bicycle Accidents Occur, The Pearce Law Firm is Ready to Pick Up The Pieces

March 20, 2013

Stephen Covey, the author of several bestselling books, including “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” was considered a pioneer in self-help literature. He co-founded the Utah-based professional services company Franklin Covey and helped millions of Americans achieve their business and personal goals.

Unfortunately, this past year, despite wearing a helmet, the highly energetic business-consulting guru died from complications of a bicycle accident. He was 79.

Covey’s unfortunate death highlights the need everyone has for a bicycle accident lawyer. Such accidents are much more common than one thinks. If a tragedy can strike someone as wealthy and famous as Covey, it can happen to anybody. Having a bicycle accident lawyer just a phone call away is critical to defending your rights or those of a loved one. Whether investigators believe the accident is your fault, or you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights, the Pearce Law Firm can help.

We have the expertise to help you recover damages if you or a loved one was hurt or died as a result of such an accident. By acting on your behalf we will fight to recover the costs of medical bills, damages, and the emotional toll you face with the lost of a loved one. Furthermore, we will attempt to recoup monies for pain and suffering, loss of future income, and compensatory and nominal damages if applicable. In other words, we fight for you. There’s a reason why we’ve been recognized as a Super Lawyer by Philadelphia Magazine and been featured in “Philadelphia’s Top Rated Lawyers” by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

When you need a bicycle accident lawyer, look no further than our team. We provide the support and legal expertise to navigate the tricky insurance and legal issues you are sure to face. Let us to do the heavy lifting while you relax and focus on your family. Schedule a consultation to see what a bicycle accident lawyer from our team can do for you.

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$1.8M settlement in case involving Philadelphia police officer fatally shooting bystander

September 5, 2012

On February 12, lawyers representing Abebe Isaac reached a settlement agreement with the city of Philadelphia following his fatal shooting by a Philadelphia police officer. The shooting occurred while the police officer was in hot pursuit of a man who was considered armed and dangerous. After the man entered a home in East Germantown and pointed a gun at police, the officers opened fire, discharging 11 bullets. Stray bullets entered the home and injured three people. Mr. Isaac later died of his wounds. A attorney, who represented Mr. Isaac’s family in the matter, stated that he hopes the $1.8 million settlement will be used to support Mr. Isaac’s three children who were left fatherless.

When the beneficiaries of such a settlement are minors, The Pearce Law Firm lawyers should be aware that both the Common Pleas Court and Orphans’ Court must approve the settlement. According to the Orphans’ Court website, it “serves to protect the personal and property rights of all persons and entities that may not be otherwise capable of handling their own affairs.” This group is not limited to orphaned children, but also includes incapacitated persons, decedents’ estates, nonprofits and trusts. Orphans’ Court is charged with acting in the “best interest” of the children or incapacitated individual or other entities under its jurisdiction and couch its approval with several conditions on the distribution of the settlement award. The Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure guide the allocation of settlement funds to minors. If the net proceeds are less than $10,000, the defendant may make a direct payment to the minor or his guardian. In the case of Mr. Isaac’s family, the settlement will likely be deposited into a savings account in the minor’s name. Unless authorized by the court, no withdrawals on the account are allowed until the minor reaches the age of 18, at which point he receives all proceeds of the settlement award.

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When to Hire a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

March 8, 2011 help people who are injured by the action or negligent inaction of another person or business or corporation. Anytime you or a loved one suffers a physical, mental or emotional injury at the hands of another party, you should consult a Philadelphia personal injury attorney and request a free case review to ensure that your right to legal representation and compensation are protected.

While their clients concentrate their efforts on recovery, Pearce Law Firm investigate the accident while events and the memories of any bystanders are still fresh. They prepare and file necessary legal paperwork to ensure that your personal rights are protected. They negotiate with insurance companies to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and loss, and they aggressively represent you and your interests in court.

Personal injury law is a complex legal specialty. Just as you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to perform heart surgery, your family lawyer shouldn’t be asked to handle a personal injury lawsuit. It takes experience, skill and specific knowledge to successfully navigate a personal injury case through the courts to either settlement or trial. A savvy Philadelphia personal injury attorney will constantly work toward a settlement while aggressively preparing to go to trial, thus protecting her client’s rights on all fronts.

Hiring a Philadelphia personal injury attorney does not require payment of a retainer and there is no monthly bill to pay. Personal injury attorneys are typically paid a percentage of any settlement or court award you receive but only if they win. If they lose, you pay nothing. This removes any financial burden the injured person might feel, allowing him to focus his entire physical, emotion and financial resources on recovery.

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Investor-Driven Personal Injury Litigation: Las Vegas Style Justice?

November 23, 2010

Wall Street is trying to turn a profit on the tragedy of others, complain some Philadelphia personal injury attorneys. Many court-watchers are appalled, charging that Wall Street investors are trying to turn the U.S. justice system into a roulette wheel. Profit-hungry investors — large, national banks, hedge funds and private investors — are ponying up hundreds of millions of dollars to bankroll lawsuits for other people in exchange for a healthy share of any court awards. Medical malpractice lawsuits, high-end divorces, catastrophic personal injury cases and class-action lawsuits against major corporations — any lawsuit with the lure of a huge settlement — appear to be fair game for what are called litigation-finance investors.

Litigation-finance isn’t a new concept. The first litigation-finance firm opened its doors in San Francisco in 1994. Alan Zimmermann, founder of Law-Finance Group, explained the benefits of litigation investment in an interview with The New York Times:

“If you want to use the civil justice system, you have to have money. If there’s less money, you’d have less litigation. but then you’d also have less justice.”

While a review of litigation finance conducted by The New York Times and the Center for Public Integrity did reveal some benefits when investors start fronting money for court costs, it also uncovered some nasty abuses that hurt the people they purport to help.

Benefits: Investors argue that the cash they provide enables more people to have their day in court. Leveling the financial playing field gives both parties equal opportunity for justice. Investor money can pay for high-priced experts and fund extensive evidence preparation, strengthening court cases and removing resources from the justice equation.

Abuses: There are a few thorns among the roses. Often the use of investor money comes with strings attached. To maximize profits, investors sometimes chose their targets and initiating proceedings. Investors also prefer to exert control over lawsuits, directing litigation to increase profits.

When you hire the Pearce Law Firm in Philadelphia, we work for YOU, not a bunch of investors who are in it only for the money.

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Only A Philadelphia Lawyer Could Have Done It: How Philadelphia Lawyers Got Their Name

January 11, 2007

I am proud to be a “Philadelphia Lawyer.” This term, Philadelphia lawyer, has always been synonymous with a cunning or shrewd lawyer, a super lawyer, who is able to use the technicalities of the law in his or her favor. But the origin of the term, Philadelphia Lawyer, pre-dates the founding of this country. The term was originally applied to Andrew Hamilton who obtained the acquittal of a German printer by the name of John Peter Zenger. Zenger was being tried on the charge of publishing “seditious libels” or treasonable defamation in New York in 1735. No one wanted to take Zenger’s case. Zenger could not find one New York lawyer to defend him. But Hamilton did agree to take the case and in New York his argument to the jury on behalf of Zenger was spellbinding. Hamilton conceded that Zenger had printed libels about Royalist governor William Cosby. But in his closing argument, Hamilton argued that the law as it stood was both immoral and wrongly applied and ought to be nullified by the jury. He told the jury that their verdict was more than whether Zenger was guilty, but rather was about freedom of exposing and opposing power and government by speaking and writing the truth. In short, 41 years before the Declaration of Independence and 50 years before the Constitution, Hamilton argued for the First Amendment and freedom on the press. Zenger was acquitted. It was said that when the jury returned its verdict those in the galleries exclaimed: “Only a Philadelphia lawyer could have done it!” As noted by the Philadelphia Bar Association web site, “Ever since then the term “Philadelphia lawyer” has come to characterize a particularly adept lawyer: more clever; craftier; a lawyer who will find a way to prevail for his/her client.

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This Baby Has “Potential” Thanks To Philadelphia Lawyers: Let’s Stand up for the Lawyer Profession

January 10, 2006

Many of us have seen the billboards on our way to work in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania which feature a pregnant woman – or a baby – stamped with the words “potential lawsuit.” The tagline reads, “To lawyers, all Pennsylvania patients look the same.” For many of us who do not practice in the medical malpractice field, these statements are very disturbing as a broad brush attack on the lawyer profession. We have all also heard the many lawyer jokes such as “What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?” I think it is time that lawyers, especially young lawyers stand up for this noble profession and remind the public and ourselves the difference lawyers have made in this country and the world.

Rather than a potential lawsuit, I think when a Philadelphia or Pennsylvania lawyer see a baby, they think of the potential that baby has to grow up and take advantage of all the freedoms and opportunities provided by this country. However, without lawyers, one wonders what future this baby would have. Because of lawyers and judges, that baby will no longer grow up in a country where they will be forced to go to a particular school based upon the color of their skin. If that baby one day is accused of a crime, he or she will have the right to an attorney and right to a jury of his or her peers. Regardless of sex, that baby will someday have the right to vote. When that baby seeks a job someday, he or she will have the right not to be discriminated against because of race, gender, or age. The list of recognized or implemented personal or civil rights because of lawyers is endless.

However, lawyers have not stopped their fight for personal and civil rights with this country. Rather, they see the “potential” a baby has in other countries. The American Bar Association and its members have literally sent thousands of lawyers, professors and judges abroad to help countries write or rewrite their constitutions, reform criminal justice systems, develop environmental regulations and more.

When someone starts out with a joke about what to do with a number of lawyers, I have a response. What do you do with thirty-four lawyers in Philadelphia? You write the greatest governing document in human history, the American Constitution. Of the fifty-five men assembled to write the Constitution, thirty-four were lawyers. Of those thirty-nine who signed the final draft, twenty were lawyers. Putting together a bunch of lawyers has produced some wonderful things.

Unlike any other profession, you will find more lawyers performing community service on school boards, councils, charities, and religious organizations. Lawyers contribute their time and money to political causes. In short, when it comes to public service, no other profession compares.

I am excited to be serving on the Public Image Task Force put together by our president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Tom Golden. I think lawyers need to stand up for their profession. I hope all of you will do your part in explaining to your clients, friends, and neighbors all the good things lawyers do. When my two-year old son someday asks his Daddy and Mommy what we do when we go to work, I look forward to telling him that we are lawyers, and lawyers help people. And, I hope to tell him that rather than a potential lawsuit, he is actually viewed as human being that has unlimited potential to do anything, because of the freedoms and liberties that lawyers have fought for.

Printed by permission by Author, Workers’ Compensation Judge Todd B. Seelig

First Printed in the Pennsylvania Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Publication, At Issue, 2003.

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