Brain Injury? Let an Attorney Be a Part of Your Support Team

It is uncommon for the average American family to have personal experience with head injuries.  More typically, they watch the news and learn about NFL players suffering from brain injuries after repeated concussions on the field.  Or perhaps, they hear of veterans being awarded Purple Hearts for head injuries received in the line of duty.  In reality, traumatic brain injury can occur in a variety of instances and happen regularly to everyday people. In Pennsylvania alone, 41,000 people a year receive emergency treatment for brain injuries and an additional 7,800 are hospitalized.  Commonly, the injuries are the result of physical contact such as a tough hit on the football field or a car accident. Brain injury can also occur from deprivation of oxygen, which occurs during strokes or near-drownings.

Regardless of the source of the damage, head injuries present unique challenges to the injured person and their family members.  Often, these challenges are unfamiliar and costly.  One support group in Pennsylvania, the Acquired Brain Injury Network of Pennsylvania, offers insight into these injuries and what they mean for families of the injured person.  ABIN-PA teaches courses and provides resources via its website.

Another reliable ally after a brain injury is an attorney in Philadelphia.  Lawyers who specialize in cases dealing with brain injury and head injury have experience in helping victims and their families.  Their knowledge of the law provides a way to recover damages to pay off expensive medical bills and to accommodate the increased difficulties of day-to-day life after a brain injury.  Rehabilitation can be a long-lasting endeavor, filled with uncertainty about what level of recovery will be possible.  A Pearce Law attorney is the right resource to ensure that families have the money they need to support their loved one in their path to recovery.