Brain Injuries Are Complex, but Your Legal Case Doesn’t Have to Be

Whether through accidents, contact sports, or physical activity, head injuries can happen to people of all ages. In fact, this type of injury is common and can often result in concussions, dementia, or long lasting damage to the brain.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania want to know more. In their attempt to better understand the functions of the brain, they are in turn helping brain injury lawyers understand the ins and outs of this complex medical universe. Like peeling back an onion, each layer of brain trauma research seems to reveal a bit more about what is at the core of functions such as memory loss, dementia, and other brain-related illnesses. However, in the case of professional athletes, such as football players, whose brains’ are often infiltrated with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known as CTE, researchers may not even be close to figuring out what makes our brains respond to various trauma, according to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Clearly, brain injuries are complex, to say the least. They can happen to anyone at any time, and can often cause debilitating results. What medical research has produced, however, can be a highly useful tool for a brain injury lawyer when faced with a case of this nature. The team at the Pearce Law Firm can help translate and interpret expert medical testimony to you, or to a jury if need be, to help connect an accident to the cause of an injury a client has suffered. Once this connection is made, a brain injury lawyer from our firm can go one step further in an attempt to collect any compensation you or a loved one may be owed as a result of this injury.

We attempt to cut through the medical terminology so you can better understand your case. We then take this knowledge to court, and use it in our attempt to win your case in front of a jury.  However, in a majority of cases we are able to settle before trial.  And rest assured, when you hire a brain injury lawyer from our firm, we will never charge a fee for our services unless you have been compensated. Don’t delay. Contact us now for a free consultation.