Bizarre 3-Car Crash Kills Philadelphia Woman

A Philadelphia woman was killed in a bizarre three-car crash in southwest Philadelphia recently. The 40-year-old woman was stopped at a red light when she was forcibly rear-ended by another car. The force of the collision propelled the woman’s car into the intersection of 61st and Passyunk and into the path of a third car. The oncoming car was unable to stop; the resulting collision ejecting the woman from her car and killing her. The drivers of the two other cars involved in this tragic Philadelphia car accident and a passenger in one of those cars were transported to the hospital in critical condition with serious personal injuries. The twice-hit car was demolished. Find more information by visiting us at

Serious Philadelphia auto accidents like this one cause catastrophic changes in the people’s lives. When severe Philadelphia traffic accidents are fatal, families can be left without the love and support of a spouse and parent. Serious personal injuries can result in overwhelming medical bills, expensive prescription drug charges and lengthy loss of income during recovery and rehabilitation. Job loss can occur when personal injuries are disabling, further impacting a family’s income and well-being.

Families struggling to put their lives back together and care for injured family members can find dealing with insurance companies exhausting. Deluged by mountains of confusing paperwork and besieged by insurance representatives pressuring them to make a quick settlement, injured Philadelphia motorists and their families can be easy targets for insurance companies committed to paying out as little as possible. A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer experienced in litigating auto accident personal injury claims can insure that car accident victims and their families recover medical expenses and are adequately compensated for lost income, personal injuries, property damage and suffering The Pearce Law Firm, PC can help you out.