Another Tragic Carnival Ride Accident in Philadelphia

A little girl was injured on a carnival ride two summers ago during the Scottdale Firemen’s Fair. Now, her family is suing the operator of the amusement ride, claiming it was unsafe from the start.

Brittany Mongell, who was 11-years-old at the time of the accident, suffered an electrical shock for 10 seconds when she put her hand on a rail bordering the ride. This statement was taken from a Pennsylvania lawsuit filed last week in Westmoreland County common Pleas Court.

The only defendant named in the lawsuit so fair is Ned Nakles Jr. of Riverview Florida was was an employee of Tropical Amusement Inc. of Riverview Florida. The Mongell family is saying that Nakles was a negligent ride operator.

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture who oversees the fair, Nicole Bucher, told reporters that most accidents that happen with carnival rides and amusements can be attributed to ride error.

Unfortunately Mongell was shocked while standing in water and touching the “umbrella ride fence,” according to an incident report filed with the state during the 2009 fair. Mongell’s accident is one of nearly 270 amusement ride injuries that were filed with the state of Pennsylvania last year. A whopping 240 of those 270 were considered “very serious.”

Mongell’s injuries are thought to have occurred due to damaged wiring that the amusement company allowed to sit exposed to an environment of water just near metal railings.

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