Do Amazon Flex Drivers in Philadelphia have Insurance?

Amazon Flex drivers pick up packages from Amazon distribution centers and deliver the packages to people’s homes. While drivers are logged into the app and delivering packages they are covered by Amazon’s Flex insurance.

As Amazon builds out its logistics operation the company is using contractors, in addition to USPS, FedEx and UPS. There are even robots delivering packages in LA. As noted by Hancock Injury Lawyers, accidents involving Amazon vehicles are increasing. It’s inevitable given that the company keeps growing and growing and pushing for faster and faster deliveries.

Some Amazon Flex contractors in Philly have described the process on Indeed. Basically, drivers use their own vans to drive and deliver packages. Some contractors like the job, other describe it as not worth the time or money. Regardless, drivers must deliver packages quickly, and sometimes drivers cut corners or drive fatigued or while distracted.

If you’re in a wreck caused by an Amazon Flex driver, you may be wondering about their insurance. Insurance is needed to become a Flex driver, but as noted above, drivers are covered by Amazon Flex’s insurance, much like an Uber driver is covered by Uber (when they are working).

If you’re injured by any driver with any insurance company, you should always speak to an attorney. Insurers make money by keeping insurance premiums and that means delaying and/or denying injury claims. Amazon Flex covers drivers in most states for $1 million, meaning you can be compensated for your injuries if your injury claim is properly handled.