3 Philadelphia Nursing Home Workers Found Not Guilty of Abuse

Three Philadelphia caregivers were in question after being caught on tape allegedly causing injury to and elderly dementia patient. The caregivers, Tyrina Friffin, 22, Ayesha Muhammad, 19 and Samirah Trayham, 22, all of the Philadelphia area worked at the Quadrangle Senior Living Community in Haverford Township Pennsylvania. However, after their day in court on Thursday December 15th with Judge Kevin F. Kelly, each of the workers was found to be not guilty. Although Judge Kelly called the behavior of the three women “wholly inappropriate and repugnant,” he did not find the three women guilty of causing physical or emotional injury to the defendant, 78 year old Lois McCallister.

The family of Ms. McCallister was reportedly shocked by the court’s decision. The three nursing home workers were initially charged of aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, harassment, and neglect of a care-dependent person after an investigation began in March when McCallister’s family suspected abuse.

The McCallisser family placed a hidden camera in her room in their loved one’s room at Quadrangle and allegedly caught Friffin, Muhammad, and Trayham, mocking, endangering, and treating their 78 year old loved one inappropriately. In April the Department of Public Welfare revoked the operating license of Quadrangle and the three caregivers accused of abuse and inflicting emotional injury were dismissed from their jobs, but The Quadrangle center is now operating again.

Nursing home abuse and nursing home patient injury has been an issue in the Philadelphia area and throughout the country for the last several decades. If your relative has suffered injury due to endangerment from or negligence of others, it is advisable that you contact a Pearce Law Firm, PC attorney immediately to ensure that justice is served for your loved one.