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The Pearce Law Firm, including well-known Philadelphia injury lawyer Edith Pearce, is dedicated to the personal care of each individual case. We believe in educating our potential clients on the variety of cases being filed in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The blog posts below feature accidents and events that may lead to potential law suits. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you due to car or truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, or head injuries, The Pearce Law Firm works on your behalf to provide you the compensation you deserve.

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How Long Do Philadelphia Personal Injury Cases Take?

February 21, 2018

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During an initial conference, it’s not unusual for a client to ask how long a case might take until it’s finalized. Depending on several factors, the answer might be that it could only take a few months or as long as a few years.

The Factors Cases with clearly understood injuries, liability and a reputable insurance company on the other side might only take a few months to resolve. Other cases are going to take longer. Here’s why.

The Nature and Extent of ...

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What is a Contingency Fee in a Philadelphia Personal Injury Case?

February 19, 2018

Nearly all attorneys who practice personal injury law in Pennsylvania represent their clients on a contingency fee basis. Billing legal services to an accident victim on an hourly basis with payment expected within 30 days would operate to lock most accident victims out of the halls of justice. They just couldn’t afford a qualified attorney to represent them in an accident that wasn’t even their fault. Rather than billing such a case on an hourly basis, the attorney agrees to ...

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How Do Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

February 15, 2018

At least 99 percent of the personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia are paid on some type of a contingency fee basis. If you retain one of these professionals to represent you for the damages that you suffered in an accident, you should enter into a written retainer agreement indicating that your lawyer will be paid a percentage of any proceeds that he or she obtains on your behalf through a settlement or verdict. Should your legal representative not prevail on ...

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Do I Need a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

February 13, 2018

When you’ve been injured in a car accident anywhere in or around Philly as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, it’s going to operate in your best interests to retain a Philadelphia car accident lawyer right away to help you with your personal injury claim. Accident victims have rights that need to be protected and invoked. If you try and represent yourself, the insurance company on the other side of your claim will want to whittle ...

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