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Sex Abuse Cases Haunt Philadelphia Headlines

July 28, 2011

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Just a few months ago, a Philadelphia area fast food restaurant manager was arrested on indecent and sexual assault charges after being accused of fondling at least three minor female employees. Police arrested Popeye’s Chicken manager Eduardo Tomasek, 50 years of age and from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, after an ongoing investigation. As well as being accused of sexual and indecent assault Tomasek was charged with unlawful contact with minors, and corrupting the morals of minors. The Popeye’s Chicken case, was not ...

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Philadelphia Police Officer Faces Assault Charges

July 26, 2011

Earlier this year, a long time Philadelphia police officer was arrested for allegedly assaulting and falsely prosecuting a businessman in Northeast after an argument. The officer was temporarily held on two charges of simple assault and unlawful restraint after the fashion in which he conducted the arrest of U-Haul store Dominic Catalano.

One week ago, Judge Frank Palumbo of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas reinstated the two charges against the officer, Aleksander Shwarz, pressed after they were already dismissed at ...

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Philadelphia Archbishop Resigns after Handling Long Running Sex Abuse Scandal

July 21, 2011

The current Catholic pope, Pope Benedict XVI, accepted the resignation of a Philadelphia archbishop this morning. Cardinal Justin Rigali was asked to step down after the archdiocese began facing accusations that it was covering up a sex abuse scandal for which the Cardinal attempted to improve the transparency of.

The Cardinal had been widely scrutinized by church officials for the way he handled the recent long-running sex abuse scandal. According to court reports, Cardinal Rigali testified on two separate occasions that ...

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Railroad Workers Injured in Commuter Train Derailment, Could Happen in Philadelphia

July 19, 2011

Pennsylvania has one of the country’s oldest and most well known railroad systems, and its “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia many commuters get to and from work as well as other destinations by train. In a state full of so many individuals who commute by train, news of a railroad accident is always troubling.

Earlier this week, such an accident occurred in Fridley, Minnesota. At around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning a Northstar commuter freight train derailed when BNSF tracks failed ...

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Father Sues Caretaker Over Son’s Death

July 14, 2011

The father of a Philadelphia area man with severe Autism is suing his caretaker for wrongful death. The caretaker left 20 year old Bryan Nevins in a van in sweltering heat last summer, leaving him to suffer and die of hyperthermia.

Caretaker Stacey Strauss of Woods Services, a Bucks County facility for people with disabilities, left Nevins in the back of the van on July 24, one of the hottest days of 2010. That day, Strauss was assigned to take Nevins ...

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Parents of Girl in Ferris Wheel Accident File Lawsuit in Philadelphia

July 12, 2011

Byron and Twanda Jones, the parents of Abiah Jones, the 11-year-old girl Philadelphia area girl who died after falling from a Ferris wheel in June, are now suing the amusement park. Abiah’s parents filed their suit against Morey’s Piers of Wildwood in the Common Pleas Court last Thursday.

Abiah, once a Pleasantville NJ resident was attending a class trip to Morey’s Piers during one of the park’s annual education fair along with her entire fifth grade class, teachers, and multiple chaperones. ...

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Boxers Rock and Tiger Allen in a Hospital due to a Car Accident

July 7, 2011

Rock and Tiger Allen sustained serious injuries in a one-car accident recently in Montgomery Township, a Philadelphia suburb. The 29 year old twins were once the city’s most promising young fighters. They were taken to different hospitals after being taken out of a Ford Explorer. Tiger Allen was driving the vehicle.

The car accident report states the car was on Bethlehem Pike when it left the road and hit a tree. A spokesperson for the University of Pennsylvania stated Rock Allen ...

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You Philadelphia Girl Sues Injured Father

July 5, 2011

A young Philadelphia girl is suing her father for emotional distress after having had to witness him receiving gunshot injuries. Then 9-year-old Kaitlyn Timko was in the back seat of her father’s car when he began to engage in a road rage dispute. Sadly, the road rage dispute ended with the other driver shooting Kaitlyn’s father in the head.

Kaitlyn watched as her father was shot and sat bloody and injured slumping over the wheel of his car. Although Kaitlyn Timko ...

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