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$1.8M settlement in case involving Philadelphia police officer fatally shooting bystander

September 5, 2012

On February 12, lawyers representing Abebe Isaac reached a settlement agreement with the city of Philadelphia following his fatal shooting by a Philadelphia police officer. The shooting occurred while the police officer was in hot pursuit of a man who was considered armed and dangerous. After the man entered a home in East Germantown and pointed a gun at police, the officers opened fire, discharging 11 bullets. Stray bullets entered the home and injured three people. Mr. Isaac later died ... Read More

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Family Sues Fraternity after Alcohol-Induced Fatality

September 5, 2012

In 2010, Megan Helal, a nineteen year old college student in Texas, went with her boyfriend to his fraternity’s party at a local bar. After consuming 10-17 alcoholic beverages, Megan lost consciousness and died at the hospital. Her parents have now filed suit against the fraternity, Sigma Chi, alleging negligence and over-serving of alcohol and seeking $50,000 for medical and burial expenses. They contend that Megan’s death was the result of binge drinking facilitated by the fraternity at its event.

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Family of hiker reaches $15.4M settlement with State of Hawaii in suit over her falling death

September 5, 2012

After misreading a warning sign at a Hawaii state park in 2006, Elizabeth Warke Brem, a prominent California lawyer, and her companion fell 300 feet to their deaths when they unexpectedly reached a steep cliff shrouded in thick vegetation. The women’s families brought suit against the state seeking damages for their deaths. The Hawaiian state court ruled in favor of the victims’ families in March 2011, finding that the State Park Administrator had actually made the area more dangerous by ... Read More

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